Thursday, June 26, 2014

P-Day in the MTC is Thursday!!!!

MOM AND DAD and family!!!!!! wowww. so i thought that p day would be on a Monday but its on Thursday! i was like ohh man my parents are going to be wondering why im not writing and checking there emails every second. lol ok so i don't have much time. anyway throughout my week i would think of things to write about nd write it on a piece of paper so this email is going to be a little bit scattered. first of all i can't believe i almost missed my first flight to the mission! what the heck. when i got on the plane in pg i felt like i didn't have time to cry because i was so worried about getting my bags checked from Vancouver to Peru after landing in Vancouver. so i sat there and teared up and then teared up some more. then as soon as i landed in Vancouver i RAN to get my bags because i was scared of the little time i had. and let me tell you it was a great idea to run. first of all it was SOO far and second of all i BARELY made it to my next flight. i made it by just under 3 minutes. crazy... but then when i got onto my flight to Texas i felt so much more at peace because my bags were checked and i was on time. then i cried a little more. haha i was telling everyone that i didn't get to give you all a proper goodbye and i wouldn't see you all for a year and a half and they were like wow that's so sad! hahaa and cried to one lady that worked in the Texas airport after i told her and she was like "now now its gonna be alright little girl" hahah in her southern accent. anyway it was about 3 am when i got to my dorm in the CCM (central capacitacion mission aka mtc) and i got in and the girls were sleeping and i felt sad but then all of a sudden like 4 or 5 other American girls walked in and i felt so much better cause it wasn't so quiet. but everything is going to awesome now! the food is so so so so so delicious! it totally reminds me of abuelas and moms food! i get so excited for meals! seriously i cant even describe how yummy it is.. im the fastest eater and always go for seconds and the girls think i'm crazy. oh and get this.. i'm the FIRST one to be ready in the morning, the latinas take so long! hahah

guess what i felt an earthquake for the first time in my life! it was little but it was a little freaky. haha apparently it happens lots here. man i'm so glad i brought earplugs. latinas like to take their sweet time doing things and i like  to be in bed by 10 30 so i put my eye shutters on and my earplugs in and go to sleep haha sooooo i'm only in the CCM till Tuesday then i fly out to Iquitos! crazy eh! i got placed in the advanced class. i'm the only white girl. its pretty sweet. oh ya and everyone thinks its funny how i say HEY? at the end of my sentences. the Americans find it amusing. my Spanish is coming along. especially with the gospel term words. i can see an improvement in myself everyday. we teach fake investigators everyday and its sooo awesome and fun. i'm getting the lessons down really good and i'm trying to always listen to the spirit. oh ya and GUESS WHAT!! i can roll my R¨s!!! i can only roll them if i'm incorporating it in with a word haha i was so proud when it came out of my mouth. i was like woahhh what did my tongue just do? lol man that's so awesome that Vicky is a good little soccer player. that reminds me... for actividad fisica i went to play soccer with the elders and they were like ya sure you can play and then i got the ball and was one on one with this elder and he was like oh no please don't school me pleaseeeeee don't.. and i dribbled around 3 players and scored! haha it was a little bit of a fluke but it was awesome cause then everyone was complimenting me and asking what team i played for. lol i'm surprised that Americans aren't so good at soccer. the latinas don't play and there are two latinos that play that are pretty good. well i only have half hour to write then later will have another half hour so my time is almost up. i was so happy to read your email. that's so much for all those scriptures.. i will definitely write it down. i love you mom and dad and Vicky and Ten and Bren. i will come on later to send some pics.. oh the CCM presidentes are super awesome and nice and i went to the temple today and it was super awesome! LOVE U!! xoxoxooxoxox

I forgot to tell you about my companion. well first i was placed with an American cause they thought i would be in the beginner class for 6 weeks and then the CCM mission presidents came up to me and started to talk to me in Spanish to see how much i knew and they said it wouldn't be right for me to be in with the beginners with the amount of Spanish that i knew so i got placed with the latinos in the advanced class for two weeks and my companera se llame hermana Alducin. shes the one with me in the pics where there is just two of us. shes super nice!! we get along so well and we both have a sense of humour with eachother.

so there is this elder named elder hunt and he always falls asleep and the other elders are always like " so what revelation did you receive this time!" lol and he just looks so out of it cause he had just woken up and like all confused and everyone is laughing. haha and this one day me and hermana Alducin were leaving the cafeteria and we see all the elders gathered around so we walk over and there is this elder singing " in the jungle the mighty jungle the lions sleep tonightttt".... and he wasn't really singing. he was like... buzzing the tune. it was so weird and when he was done everyone was clapping and laughing and i was like what the heck... hahah silly americanos! and he always sings and he is terrible but he loves to sing! its nice that he is so positive though! hahah ps you can put this on my blog too. don't forget to update it! well i hope i have answered all the questions you wanted to know about. don't forget to do scripture study with the family EVERYDAY! and prayer. its so important to strive to become like Christ. He should be the center of our lives just like Christ is the center of the gospel. yo extrano a todos y cada noche yo ora por usted y pide mi padre celestial que el bendige a usted! haha i hope that made sense, i'm still trying to get the words in the proper order. XOXOXO