Monday, March 30, 2015

he's so entertaining!

wow dad! thanks for all the nice details about life. love it! so tarysa and i keep in touch every monday! i'm sooo happy she got married in the temple. i can tell this new guy is super great and she loves him a lot! 
   so normally we give our key indicators to the district leader halfway through the week so they can monitor our work and for some reason our numbers were bad! we were like what the heck... we planned divisions but the members ditched us and with family history it takes away so much time but that never stops us from trying to reach our goals... so the district leader was surprised cause we are always good with our goals. but he said to me.. hermana blackmore .. you guys surprise me every week with your achievements so i know you'll achieve your goals.. so.. hna blackmore.. will you achieve your goals? and i was like umm elder its already halfway through the week so i don't think so.. and he asked me again.. so i changed my attitude and told him that we were going to achieve our goals and more! so we fasted and prayed.. and all with the help of god we achieved our goals.. and more!! we got three families to agree to get married! 3!!! we are soooo happy! miracles really do happen. all you have to do is give your ALL. no matter how tired or exhausted you are.. when i'm tired and feel like my work is finished for the day before 10 30 i think about how jesus was always working and helping people. so i have no excuse to be lazy or slothful. we must be diligent in all we do. because if we do all we can we can trust that the lord will do his part. we may not know how but miracles do happen and he is always aware of us!
    so i'm loving the mission right now. lana has changes today! ah! mine are next we will see what happens. i still have yet to serve in pucalpa! well i must admit tennyson is the biggest goofball.. i cant wait to see him again.. ahha he's so entertaining! well i love you all and stay righteous!


Monday, March 23, 2015

i felt like i was burning them. haha

hi dad!! so i usually get up and workout. my companion only gets up earlier if i do cause she has to come with me to workout. so i was having a very lovely dream of you dad. it was that me and lana were in the mtc and you came with us to protect us from the elders hahahah so you had your arms around the both of us. so when the alarm went off i was like yepp i ain't gettin up.... so i went back to sleep and kept dreaming and slept till 6:30 hehehe well dad to celebrate my halfway mark i did nothing cause i don't want to get too trunky... but for my one year i'll burn a skirt or something! or  a shirt. i've got lots that are so worn out now! lolll. can't believe i hit 10 months in about 2 and a half weeks. crazy. but yeah kalene left about a month or 2 before us. so she hit her one year mark! i'm super pumped to see her again. i should write her!! she is sucha great person and friend. seriously so many of my childhood memories are with her and tyla on the farm. we always had so much fun. i miss those girls.

    so this Sunday i gave the class in relief society. i trained the women on how to share the gospel and why its important. i was so into it that i felt like i was burning them. haha i really wanted to pound it into them that they MUST share the gospel! and that they have the responsibility to do it. and that the prophet and apostles are telling us that as members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints we have the responsibility to share the gospel. and they receive revelation of god to tell us these things and its a commandment that we follow the prophet. its true that the lord is hastening is work more than ever! its amazing! i love it.our friends family neighbours are the chosen ones. they are the ones that our heavenly father wants to hear the gospel. so we are instruments in the lord's hands and therefore must open our mouths and pray for the opportunity to share the gospel.
 so dad and mom and ten and vix. pray and ask god who of all your friends or neighbours needs the gospel. then invite them to a family home evening so they can feel the spirit and then invite them to church.through your example and dilligence they will have a desire to come unto christ. we are all children of god, he loves us so much so we must do everything we can to be instruments in the lord's hands. listen to the spirit. he will guide you and put names into your head of who is ready to hear the restored gospel. we have something that many people don't have... the only true gospel upon all the face of the earth! but everyone wants an eternal family so we have GOT to share the gospel! i feel bad for people who don't know their purpose in life and who don't know why they're here or who don't believe in god. its not their fault though. i just feel so blessed to be on a mission. i've seen families who are at the point of divorce and at rock bottom and at the point of being a broken family. but the power of god is more powerful than satan, so i've seen the gospel change these families and now there is nothing that could tear them apart as long as they always apply the gospel. i love this gospel and i know with everything that i have that its true. i would die defending it because it has blessed me eternally. i know our family is forever. and i love you guys very much.

     hermana blackmore
cocos i had to drink for when i was sick lawl.    
lil jungle boy. he's always naked and LOVES me
this is one of my pensionistas house... makes me grateful to have tile on my floors..
members who love the missionaries did this for me.. and bought me dinner haha

she reminds me of vix. she loves me and has a great personality!
i love this little one! she is so strong in the gospel!!
yep i'm a full on jungle girl now.. so my hair is always a frizzball that EVERYONE tries to touch hahah. its grown a bit eh! this is our convert. shes awesome!
my companion. i really love her!
we make a great team!
i always make her try to speak english cause her accent reminds me of mom

Monday, March 16, 2015

i broke my streak of not going to the clinic!!

hey mom and dad! alright so thanks for sending me a package! 
   sooo this week i broke my streak of not going to the clinic!! so on friday night i felt real sick in my stomach but whatevs.. i just worked normally... ignored the pains.. and then i was up ALL night throwing up and in so much pain and my body was really hot and the next morning when the alarm went off at 6 25 my comp woke up and i was throwing up... and shes super caring for her comps so she called the district leader right away and they call the zone leaders and make me an appointment at the clinic,,. and i was like NO!!! i don't wanna go (cause the doctors are a pain to deal with here in the jungle.. i've seen it!) and she was like hna blackmore you need help! and i was like seriously i can drink lots of water and sleep. cause i hate taking medicine and i knew they would prescribe me something ridiculous.. sooooo i went and they put me in the emergency section and started taking my blood and urine test and whatnot.. and hooked me up to a water bag... when they brought the waterbag in i looked at my zone leader and i was like ummm is this necessary?? and he just laughed... and so in the water bag was a drug to relax me so i was all drugged up with relaxant and falling in and out of sleep and the president and his wife came in and were trying to talk to me and i couldn't even talk right cause i would just forget what i was talking about or what they asked me and i was so annoyed with the doctor cause he was trying to tell me i had a migraine and i was like my aunts get migraines and i havn't experienced what i've seen them experience! ... and so at the end of the day he prescribed me 4 different pills cause i ended up having an intestinal infection and i ended up not buying the pills cause they were ridiculous and i could of been taking like 10 pills a day! NO. so now its monday.. i'm still feeling a little sick but ALOT better without pills! i've been drinking cocos and sleeping but today i'm gunna work cause i hate staying in the house.. besides hating staying in i feel like i'm wasting the lord's time! but anyway..... this week was great! we worked and had a few baptisms and yeah :) well i love you all.. and seriously dad thanks for sending me the stuff. thank aunt tanya for me!!!  i love you all so much. stay warm and stay strong in the gospel!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

you asked how i keep dry.. haha i don't

new goal: visualize everything! in deep detail. i like that a lot dad. thank you so much. it made me chuckle when you said its warming up there to a scorching 8 degrees. i'm in scorching weather everyday!! ahhh i miss winter. so happy that i arrive in winter. it'll be nice to feel cold again. but then again it'll be nice to have a hot shower. havn't had one of those is agesssssss. haha we have been having lots of success in our area. my testimony is growing rapidly on the Christlike quality of diligence. its true that when we work hard we feel the lord with us and we come to understand his will. we are teaching a wonderful woman who's husband left her out of no where. but we have been praying to find families to baptize. and out of no where he comes back and she gets together with him again. i was soooo mad. i even told him that i watched his wife cry cry and cry and beg for us to help her find peace. i watched her starve and suffer. we went home that night and i was raging mad, thinking.... how could a man do that to his wife and child!! but then the next day we went to her house and the second i shook his hand the thought came to my head.. marry them, teach them, and baptize them. i was confused but then all of a sudden i felt bad for the way i had felt towards this man. this man who heavenly father wants to see in his presence again. he had explained to us that he saw a huge change in melissa and he wanted that too. he wanted to repent and fix his family. we have been fasting and praying hard to find families. the lord pretty much said to us: "you guys want families?? i'll give you families!.." and BOOM. we have found some AMAZING families who are definitely prepared for the gospel. its amazing how the lord answers in his own way. it may not be the way we want but i'm learning that i've got to trust no matter what. i've got to be humble, willing, hopeful, obedient. but its true that when we obey we receive blessings. our testimony grows. our relationship with our saviour deepens. it really is amazing how god works. we just have to find him. apply the gospel... do our part. i can't stress that more to my investigators...
                 i like to be direct with love. "if you want an eternal family, you must work for it through applying the teachings of jesus christ. but that is why we are here. we are called by a living prophet to teach the truths of the restored gospel and help you understand. i promise you that if you choose to apply the gospel in your lives you will be able to live with god again. you will receive the greatest blessings that  our father in heaven has in store for you. i know he loves you and more than anything wants to see you in his presence again."
   dad i love this work. i feel so good preaching the gospel and strengthening my own testimony. i love the people here.
    you asked how i keep dry.. haha i don't.. its impossible. but i'm used to it! people always say i'll get sick but i havn't gotten sick once yet. hahahhaha the poor missionaries here.. always get sick! they are surprised that i havn't been to the clinic yet lololl

Monday, March 2, 2015

now when i'm mad i can talk real fast hahaha

hi dad! i'm super glad you were able to go to grandmas funeral... and visit with everyone.  i'm glad the funeral went well and your talk is amazing dad. it was perfect because everything that was said about her was accurate! :) i sure do miss you all. i miss home. i miss you guys. i miss driving. i miss the backroads. the fields. the mountains. the food. i miss jeans and long sleeve shirts. i miss country music. i miss my car i miss pizza i miss technology.. but i wouldn't give up my mission for anything. helping someone apply the gospel in their lives and seeing that true change of heart they have is absolutely amazing. we have been working crazy hard dad. we have goals everyday and i do all i can to achieve them so that at the end of the week i can feel good about myself and i can feel like the lord is pleased with me. its so nice to have a companion with the same mindset cause we both love to work and see results. its crazy how much my testimony has grown. seriously i never thought a mission was this amazing and hard and rewarding. i'm so grateful i'm here. sometimes it feels like i'll be here forever and then it feels like time goes by too fast and it stresses me out.. but thank you mom and dad for all your support.. thanks for all those times you made me participate in scripture study and family prayer morning and night. it sure did pay off because now i can testify to my investigators and less actives that family prayer is essential and powerful. that scripture study is effective and rewarding. 
        so its funny cause when i pray in english i hear a slight accent in my voice! hahaha. its weird. but my spanish gets better and better each day. like now when i'm mad i can talk real fast hahaha i can just imagine me mom and lana raging together.... i sure do love my family.. i miss lana lots. i'm glad we both are on a mission. i miss vicky too. she will always be my little baby......sister.. haha i always tell people she was like my little dolly that i took good care of. but i miss your hugs dad. a girl needs to hug the priesthood everyday in her life.but i'll just have to wait till i get home. you and mom will be the first i hug. but i hope you are all safe and sound. how were the roads?? i love you guys so much.. ctr. xoxox