Monday, March 23, 2015

i felt like i was burning them. haha

hi dad!! so i usually get up and workout. my companion only gets up earlier if i do cause she has to come with me to workout. so i was having a very lovely dream of you dad. it was that me and lana were in the mtc and you came with us to protect us from the elders hahahah so you had your arms around the both of us. so when the alarm went off i was like yepp i ain't gettin up.... so i went back to sleep and kept dreaming and slept till 6:30 hehehe well dad to celebrate my halfway mark i did nothing cause i don't want to get too trunky... but for my one year i'll burn a skirt or something! or  a shirt. i've got lots that are so worn out now! lolll. can't believe i hit 10 months in about 2 and a half weeks. crazy. but yeah kalene left about a month or 2 before us. so she hit her one year mark! i'm super pumped to see her again. i should write her!! she is sucha great person and friend. seriously so many of my childhood memories are with her and tyla on the farm. we always had so much fun. i miss those girls.

    so this Sunday i gave the class in relief society. i trained the women on how to share the gospel and why its important. i was so into it that i felt like i was burning them. haha i really wanted to pound it into them that they MUST share the gospel! and that they have the responsibility to do it. and that the prophet and apostles are telling us that as members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints we have the responsibility to share the gospel. and they receive revelation of god to tell us these things and its a commandment that we follow the prophet. its true that the lord is hastening is work more than ever! its amazing! i love it.our friends family neighbours are the chosen ones. they are the ones that our heavenly father wants to hear the gospel. so we are instruments in the lord's hands and therefore must open our mouths and pray for the opportunity to share the gospel.
 so dad and mom and ten and vix. pray and ask god who of all your friends or neighbours needs the gospel. then invite them to a family home evening so they can feel the spirit and then invite them to church.through your example and dilligence they will have a desire to come unto christ. we are all children of god, he loves us so much so we must do everything we can to be instruments in the lord's hands. listen to the spirit. he will guide you and put names into your head of who is ready to hear the restored gospel. we have something that many people don't have... the only true gospel upon all the face of the earth! but everyone wants an eternal family so we have GOT to share the gospel! i feel bad for people who don't know their purpose in life and who don't know why they're here or who don't believe in god. its not their fault though. i just feel so blessed to be on a mission. i've seen families who are at the point of divorce and at rock bottom and at the point of being a broken family. but the power of god is more powerful than satan, so i've seen the gospel change these families and now there is nothing that could tear them apart as long as they always apply the gospel. i love this gospel and i know with everything that i have that its true. i would die defending it because it has blessed me eternally. i know our family is forever. and i love you guys very much.

     hermana blackmore
cocos i had to drink for when i was sick lawl.    
lil jungle boy. he's always naked and LOVES me
this is one of my pensionistas house... makes me grateful to have tile on my floors..
members who love the missionaries did this for me.. and bought me dinner haha

she reminds me of vix. she loves me and has a great personality!
i love this little one! she is so strong in the gospel!!
yep i'm a full on jungle girl now.. so my hair is always a frizzball that EVERYONE tries to touch hahah. its grown a bit eh! this is our convert. shes awesome!
my companion. i really love her!
we make a great team!
i always make her try to speak english cause her accent reminds me of mom

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