Monday, March 2, 2015

now when i'm mad i can talk real fast hahaha

hi dad! i'm super glad you were able to go to grandmas funeral... and visit with everyone.  i'm glad the funeral went well and your talk is amazing dad. it was perfect because everything that was said about her was accurate! :) i sure do miss you all. i miss home. i miss you guys. i miss driving. i miss the backroads. the fields. the mountains. the food. i miss jeans and long sleeve shirts. i miss country music. i miss my car i miss pizza i miss technology.. but i wouldn't give up my mission for anything. helping someone apply the gospel in their lives and seeing that true change of heart they have is absolutely amazing. we have been working crazy hard dad. we have goals everyday and i do all i can to achieve them so that at the end of the week i can feel good about myself and i can feel like the lord is pleased with me. its so nice to have a companion with the same mindset cause we both love to work and see results. its crazy how much my testimony has grown. seriously i never thought a mission was this amazing and hard and rewarding. i'm so grateful i'm here. sometimes it feels like i'll be here forever and then it feels like time goes by too fast and it stresses me out.. but thank you mom and dad for all your support.. thanks for all those times you made me participate in scripture study and family prayer morning and night. it sure did pay off because now i can testify to my investigators and less actives that family prayer is essential and powerful. that scripture study is effective and rewarding. 
        so its funny cause when i pray in english i hear a slight accent in my voice! hahaha. its weird. but my spanish gets better and better each day. like now when i'm mad i can talk real fast hahaha i can just imagine me mom and lana raging together.... i sure do love my family.. i miss lana lots. i'm glad we both are on a mission. i miss vicky too. she will always be my little baby......sister.. haha i always tell people she was like my little dolly that i took good care of. but i miss your hugs dad. a girl needs to hug the priesthood everyday in her life.but i'll just have to wait till i get home. you and mom will be the first i hug. but i hope you are all safe and sound. how were the roads?? i love you guys so much.. ctr. xoxox

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