Monday, March 9, 2015

you asked how i keep dry.. haha i don't

new goal: visualize everything! in deep detail. i like that a lot dad. thank you so much. it made me chuckle when you said its warming up there to a scorching 8 degrees. i'm in scorching weather everyday!! ahhh i miss winter. so happy that i arrive in winter. it'll be nice to feel cold again. but then again it'll be nice to have a hot shower. havn't had one of those is agesssssss. haha we have been having lots of success in our area. my testimony is growing rapidly on the Christlike quality of diligence. its true that when we work hard we feel the lord with us and we come to understand his will. we are teaching a wonderful woman who's husband left her out of no where. but we have been praying to find families to baptize. and out of no where he comes back and she gets together with him again. i was soooo mad. i even told him that i watched his wife cry cry and cry and beg for us to help her find peace. i watched her starve and suffer. we went home that night and i was raging mad, thinking.... how could a man do that to his wife and child!! but then the next day we went to her house and the second i shook his hand the thought came to my head.. marry them, teach them, and baptize them. i was confused but then all of a sudden i felt bad for the way i had felt towards this man. this man who heavenly father wants to see in his presence again. he had explained to us that he saw a huge change in melissa and he wanted that too. he wanted to repent and fix his family. we have been fasting and praying hard to find families. the lord pretty much said to us: "you guys want families?? i'll give you families!.." and BOOM. we have found some AMAZING families who are definitely prepared for the gospel. its amazing how the lord answers in his own way. it may not be the way we want but i'm learning that i've got to trust no matter what. i've got to be humble, willing, hopeful, obedient. but its true that when we obey we receive blessings. our testimony grows. our relationship with our saviour deepens. it really is amazing how god works. we just have to find him. apply the gospel... do our part. i can't stress that more to my investigators...
                 i like to be direct with love. "if you want an eternal family, you must work for it through applying the teachings of jesus christ. but that is why we are here. we are called by a living prophet to teach the truths of the restored gospel and help you understand. i promise you that if you choose to apply the gospel in your lives you will be able to live with god again. you will receive the greatest blessings that  our father in heaven has in store for you. i know he loves you and more than anything wants to see you in his presence again."
   dad i love this work. i feel so good preaching the gospel and strengthening my own testimony. i love the people here.
    you asked how i keep dry.. haha i don't.. its impossible. but i'm used to it! people always say i'll get sick but i havn't gotten sick once yet. hahahhaha the poor missionaries here.. always get sick! they are surprised that i havn't been to the clinic yet lololl

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