Monday, July 27, 2015

has he fallen off the face of the earth?

dad! thanks for that email. it made me feel ease because as the mission comes to an end i think all missionaries worry about what they are going to do with life when they get home. it hurts my head to think about it. sister miner is finishing with me and she always asks talks to me about how nervous she is to get home and what she is going to do to adjust. but i was on the internet in family history this week and i saw on that there is a new plan to help missionaries adjust to real life when they get home or something like that. it seems awesome. its like  

 that's awesome that vix is going to a concert! marianas trench has about 2 songs or 4 that i like. they are alright. i remember that tatiana was SOOOO OBSESSED with them! hahahah  but hey how's ten? i've written him a billion times and he promised he wouldn't go two weeks without writing but its been like 2 months now. has he fallen off the face of the earth? lol
   this week has been awesome. but its interesting dad that you mention things of the world in your last email. i think that you are right. its hard as a young adult or teenager to not care about the things of the world. its a feeling we have to control because it is true, it doesn't matter if we have the best house or car. half of my investigators don't even have enough money to buy food for every meal :( i always think about how clueless i was before my mission. i would buy something absolutely dumb and not even think about the people who are starving and suffering. there are so many children here who are sick and starving. it was interesting because at 2 pm me and my comp were doing language study and then at 3 i train her till 4. and the bishop's wife, jessica called us crying and i could hardly understand her but all i caught was "sisters COME TO MY HOUSE NOW!" so we run outside and realize its raining insanely hard and i look across the street and the house was flooding. so we run back to the room and change into our pants and boots and run over to her house to carry buckets of water outside. but everywhere was flooded. we didn't even hear the rain from our room because its way inside an apartment building. all the streets were absolutely flooded and everyones homes except a few. it was sad. at some parts of our area the water was up to our waists so we couldn't proselyte there for a while. but there were massive spiders rats and cockroaches and garbage floating around everywhere. it was sooo gross. i could just imagine the disease in that water and there were kids swimming in it. but it was sad. people's beds and tables and paperwork were drowned under the water. and they don't even have the luxury of insurance. but god knows why it happens. he knows everything! i trust him and know that everyday he is preparing people to listen to the restored gospel. i love this gospel. i love feeling the spirit. i love my mission. it is sooo special to me. it is the best gift you and mom have ever bought me. its the best gift that my heavenly father has ever given me besides my family. i love you all. take care and read your scriptures and pray everyday!

update me on tenny! 

forgot to mention that at paintball last monday i did better than i thought i would! the elders were calling me hermana blackops.. and we played sisters against sisters and i shot them all. HAHAHA and they were OUT!

my daughter.. she learns from me. :) we were waiting for an investigator to finish getting ready to go to church!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

he said he would never get baptized

hey dad! well that's a bummer that the internet is down!! this week has been fun. we are enjoying our time together and seeing miracles and teaching and finding lots of awesome people. we are teaching a grandpa who never before received the missionaries. his family is all members but he never wanted to pick up a book of mormon, he said he would never take the sacrament and said he would never get baptized but the lord has really helped us. first he prepared the grandpa. he got a disease a while ago but now he is bettter but the result of the disease is that he is in a wheelchair and cannot walk. so we started teaching him and he is getting baptized on the 8th of august. he reads his book of mormon diligently and loves it. he goes to church and takes the sacrament and we see a huge change in him. there family is so happy. its awesome. makes us feel good. i'm glad that the lord can use us as instruments in his hands. 
    well i bet its hot up there eh? its hot here too. but i'm super used to the hot weather. 13 months of this everyday.... what am i going to do when i feel cold?? DIE. haha well i'm loving the mission. its interesting because the mission is something that i cannot describe in words. it is a gift from my heavenly father. it really is. well i love you all very much! today we are going to play paint ball and i am going to shoot everyone. hehehehe bye!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

they cook it in different ways

well how's it going!! i'm just chilling over here busy gathering israel...hehe i miss you all! can't believe its monday again! i'm having a lot of fun training. my daughter is awesome! she works hard and tries hard! she's fun as well and she's learnning the lessons really fast. its been a good week. i've learned that i still need to mejorar with my patience... its hard.. training and being the family history consultant of iquitos and having to monitor and handle everything. stressful but fun as well. i sometimes wonder if i will be the same bina when i get off the plane. that would be sad. i hope that i've changed for the better . the mission really is awesome. i've met so many kind wonderful people. sometimes when i'm walking i take a look around and can't believe i am where i am. its crazy that i live in the jungle. its been a really awesome experience and i'm so happy for it. it is awesome to be in tune with the spirit and see god do miracles. i hope that you are all choosing the right and enjoying summer cause it'll go by fast! time seems to fly by faster and faster and faster.... uh oh. i can't even remember when its like to eat north american food. all there is here is rice and chicken and they cook it in different ways but that's all. i'm used to it but its weird to think about pizza or spaghetti or arroz aguado or roast with gravy! hahah its weird to think about all the modern stores we have there too! because there are NONE here.i know it'll be a culture shock to see technology again. but i like it because those things aren't here to distract me. here, you never hear modern music.  its all weird peruvian music! hahah it really has a weird twang. but i want you all to know i love jesus with all my heart. i know he lives today. he is alive and directing his church. its important to follow the prophets and pay close attention to what the prophets say and obey them because god speaks through them. love you all!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Well I hope you’re all being obedient

Hello! Well wellll. that was a wonderful letter dad! thank you!! i love info like that!!!

wellll Hna arone went home and i was sooo sad! This was the fastest change in all my mission because we had so much fun!! So I got my pensinistas daughter to stay with me over night till they told me who my new comp was going to be. So I was sitting with kari in family history and she was like I gotta go to the bathroom… and books it out! And I was ALL ALONE! And I was like AHHH!!! So I ran out the hall and she wasn’t there and I went to the bathroom and I was like KARI YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME ALONE! And she was like oh right sorry,. Hahaha what's it going to be like when i'm home! THANK GOODNESS I'VE GOT LANA! She will be my companion for a while! So I talked to my president and he said it is possible so hook my flight up with lanas! At least in Vancouver!!!!! AH! So she just has to get permission to extend a week so she can fly the same day as me. Cool eh? So we will keep you posted on that.
   Sooo I'M A MOM! I'm training! Hahah its awesome! There were few sisters who came in this change but i'm happy I have this opportunity to train and do family history and have my area to work in! it’s awesome. So her name is Hermana Arteaga. She’s from Bolivia. I love people from Bolivia. They are SO kind and humble. So I love her very much. I protect her from everything and treat her the way I would want to be treated because I remember how hard it was for me when I was being trained for three months. She tells me she prayed hard to have a good trainer and says she is so grateful for me but i'm more grateful for her than anything. With her... I’ve realized the things I need to do better. It really is close to being a mom with a new baby! You want to be a perfect example for them and when you mess up you feel terrible! But she makes me feel good. Yesterday we walked out of a lesson and she goes “when you teach my jaw drops because I feel the spirit so strong” it made me feel so good I almost cried because sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed at all and that I have a LONG way to go before I become a good teacher but she made me realize that maybe I should give myself a little more credit. The goal is to become like Christ! I love the way Jesus taught. He uses inspired questions and good examples. (something dad does very well that I admire) but I like to study the teachings of Jesus to see how I can do better, or what I can add to my teachings that compared to him need lots of improvement.
   Well I hope you’re all being obedient and applying the gospel principles. Obedience is living proof of the faith we have because if we have faith we will obey and trust that god will bless us and help us on our journey back home to him.
Les amo mucho! Deseo el mejor por cada uno de ustedes. Espero que Brendan puede reflexionar su misión y recordar la significancia de siendo un representante de Jesucristo. No se olviden de leer las escrituras. Quiero que pueden leer 2 nefi 33 juntos como familia. Es el testimonio de nefi. Es EXCELENTE! Me encanta porque el es bien directo, y yo testifico de cada uno de sus palabras. Lée lo! Medítenlo y aplícalo! Y piensan en maneras que pueden ser mejores testigos de nuestro salvador del mundo.
Take care and i love you all!!