Monday, July 13, 2015

they cook it in different ways

well how's it going!! i'm just chilling over here busy gathering israel...hehe i miss you all! can't believe its monday again! i'm having a lot of fun training. my daughter is awesome! she works hard and tries hard! she's fun as well and she's learnning the lessons really fast. its been a good week. i've learned that i still need to mejorar with my patience... its hard.. training and being the family history consultant of iquitos and having to monitor and handle everything. stressful but fun as well. i sometimes wonder if i will be the same bina when i get off the plane. that would be sad. i hope that i've changed for the better . the mission really is awesome. i've met so many kind wonderful people. sometimes when i'm walking i take a look around and can't believe i am where i am. its crazy that i live in the jungle. its been a really awesome experience and i'm so happy for it. it is awesome to be in tune with the spirit and see god do miracles. i hope that you are all choosing the right and enjoying summer cause it'll go by fast! time seems to fly by faster and faster and faster.... uh oh. i can't even remember when its like to eat north american food. all there is here is rice and chicken and they cook it in different ways but that's all. i'm used to it but its weird to think about pizza or spaghetti or arroz aguado or roast with gravy! hahah its weird to think about all the modern stores we have there too! because there are NONE here.i know it'll be a culture shock to see technology again. but i like it because those things aren't here to distract me. here, you never hear modern music.  its all weird peruvian music! hahah it really has a weird twang. but i want you all to know i love jesus with all my heart. i know he lives today. he is alive and directing his church. its important to follow the prophets and pay close attention to what the prophets say and obey them because god speaks through them. love you all!

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