Monday, July 20, 2015

he said he would never get baptized

hey dad! well that's a bummer that the internet is down!! this week has been fun. we are enjoying our time together and seeing miracles and teaching and finding lots of awesome people. we are teaching a grandpa who never before received the missionaries. his family is all members but he never wanted to pick up a book of mormon, he said he would never take the sacrament and said he would never get baptized but the lord has really helped us. first he prepared the grandpa. he got a disease a while ago but now he is bettter but the result of the disease is that he is in a wheelchair and cannot walk. so we started teaching him and he is getting baptized on the 8th of august. he reads his book of mormon diligently and loves it. he goes to church and takes the sacrament and we see a huge change in him. there family is so happy. its awesome. makes us feel good. i'm glad that the lord can use us as instruments in his hands. 
    well i bet its hot up there eh? its hot here too. but i'm super used to the hot weather. 13 months of this everyday.... what am i going to do when i feel cold?? DIE. haha well i'm loving the mission. its interesting because the mission is something that i cannot describe in words. it is a gift from my heavenly father. it really is. well i love you all very much! today we are going to play paint ball and i am going to shoot everyone. hehehehe bye!!

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