Monday, July 27, 2015

has he fallen off the face of the earth?

dad! thanks for that email. it made me feel ease because as the mission comes to an end i think all missionaries worry about what they are going to do with life when they get home. it hurts my head to think about it. sister miner is finishing with me and she always asks talks to me about how nervous she is to get home and what she is going to do to adjust. but i was on the internet in family history this week and i saw on that there is a new plan to help missionaries adjust to real life when they get home or something like that. it seems awesome. its like  

 that's awesome that vix is going to a concert! marianas trench has about 2 songs or 4 that i like. they are alright. i remember that tatiana was SOOOO OBSESSED with them! hahahah  but hey how's ten? i've written him a billion times and he promised he wouldn't go two weeks without writing but its been like 2 months now. has he fallen off the face of the earth? lol
   this week has been awesome. but its interesting dad that you mention things of the world in your last email. i think that you are right. its hard as a young adult or teenager to not care about the things of the world. its a feeling we have to control because it is true, it doesn't matter if we have the best house or car. half of my investigators don't even have enough money to buy food for every meal :( i always think about how clueless i was before my mission. i would buy something absolutely dumb and not even think about the people who are starving and suffering. there are so many children here who are sick and starving. it was interesting because at 2 pm me and my comp were doing language study and then at 3 i train her till 4. and the bishop's wife, jessica called us crying and i could hardly understand her but all i caught was "sisters COME TO MY HOUSE NOW!" so we run outside and realize its raining insanely hard and i look across the street and the house was flooding. so we run back to the room and change into our pants and boots and run over to her house to carry buckets of water outside. but everywhere was flooded. we didn't even hear the rain from our room because its way inside an apartment building. all the streets were absolutely flooded and everyones homes except a few. it was sad. at some parts of our area the water was up to our waists so we couldn't proselyte there for a while. but there were massive spiders rats and cockroaches and garbage floating around everywhere. it was sooo gross. i could just imagine the disease in that water and there were kids swimming in it. but it was sad. people's beds and tables and paperwork were drowned under the water. and they don't even have the luxury of insurance. but god knows why it happens. he knows everything! i trust him and know that everyday he is preparing people to listen to the restored gospel. i love this gospel. i love feeling the spirit. i love my mission. it is sooo special to me. it is the best gift you and mom have ever bought me. its the best gift that my heavenly father has ever given me besides my family. i love you all. take care and read your scriptures and pray everyday!

update me on tenny! 

forgot to mention that at paintball last monday i did better than i thought i would! the elders were calling me hermana blackops.. and we played sisters against sisters and i shot them all. HAHAHA and they were OUT!

my daughter.. she learns from me. :) we were waiting for an investigator to finish getting ready to go to church!!!!!

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