Monday, August 3, 2015

i'm back to the beginning again

hey dad!!  i remember the love you always gave us. the hugs the kisses the i love you's and the scripture studys and the heart to hearts. that's what shaped me into the person i am today! i remember how kind vicky always was to me, she always shared with me always laughed with me and even when i was mean to her she would never ever be mean back to me. that's what i love about her. she's such a great person.
    well this week has been alright. i think that sometimes satan makes us feel horrible. all this morning i had been asking myself if i have become a better person on the mission because sometimes i feel like i'm worse than before. but i know the lord is working with me and helping me become better. i've gotta put my part in too and be obedient and seek counsel from him all the time. i finished reading the book of mormon so i'm back to the beginning again. i love how the book of mormon starts out! nephi had so much faith and was so obedient. i like that even though things were hard at time and seemed impossible he always trusted that the lord would provide a way. and i sure as heck don't wanna be like laman and lemuel. even though they saw an angel they still murmured and said "how can god deliver laban into our hands.. he is sooo strong..." etc.. i remember that god is great. he is the creator of all things and anything is possible through him.
      family history has been busy too. yesterday we sent 7 names to the temple. its awesome how the spirit is felt so strong in that room. i love it. we have also been coordinating a HUGEEE activity that is going to be for all of iquitos. i'm in charge of it so its been stressful but fun! i hope that lots of investigators come! well i love you all. i am so happy to hear that your summer is going over well. next month will cool down and you will be going into fall then winter! crazy!! i forgot what winter even means. haha love you all!!! XOXOX

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