Monday, August 31, 2015

i love everything about the gospel

well sorry dad but my pdays i'm allowed to feel 10 percent trunky! hahaha just kidding. i promise i always stay focused. home does not keep me from working my hardesst... i promise! ya i'm pretty sure i'll be flown to mexico to meet up with lana when she finishes. that's what the flight people are saying. it'll be finalized in about 15 days supposedly.. yay! so we have only got about 14 weeks left on the mission... sad ;( but happy. and yes dad me and lana will want the fireplace on fullll blast. and we expect you to come skiing with us and make snow angels with us.
    well this week has been great! our investigator that didn't believe that god loved us is getting baptized because she knows now that he loves her! she is sooo smart! she will be a firm member for sure!!! so happpppppyyy! but i have been thinking ALOT this week how much i have learned. seriously dad. i can never thank god enough because he has been so good to me. he has taught me things that i will apply in my life forever. my love for the book of mormon has grown immensely. i understand it much better and love the new things i learn from it each day i study and ponder it. i have also learned that god answers prayers. he really does! all the time. the challenge can be recognizing the answers. but if we really are keeping the commandments and putting our part, its so much easier to recognize and act upon the answers.

i LOVE my mission
i love that i have been called of god to gather israel
i love my plaque ( i cried when i lost it but rejoiced when god lead me to find it)
i love the people
i love the book of mormon
i love feeling the spirit
i love jesus christ
i love everything about the gospel
i love my family!! 
families are forever!!!

 love bina!
our awesome trio!! FIERCE!!!
hahah that bus is awesome. all the buses here are like that. they are made of wood and are always booming with loud music. we take the bus when we have to go to the airport cause its way cheaper

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