Monday, August 17, 2015

i couldn't imagine my life without it

hey whats up! this week was a good one. i enjoyed it a lot because a sister who is waiting for her family to arrive next week is staying with us and proselyting with us meanwhile and our trio is a smash! sooo fun! working hard and the spirit is strong in the lessons. today me miner and hna jimenez and our comp are going to eat spaghetti for our 14 month mark. it should be fun. and we are going to eat ice cream for 30 cents! hahaha freeeeek its so hot out right now! i'm dying here and i forgot my ponytail so you can imagine how huge and hot my hair is. lolll. hmm what can i tell you guys. everything is the same.... working hard hard hard hard and finding awesome people and studying and growing closer to the lord! it really is the best place to be. i often pray to the lord that my testimony won't fade away when i get home and that i can always read my BOM and stay strong in the gospel. i love this gospel so much i couldn't imagine my life without it. it really was a huge blessing to be born into the covenant.
    that is crazy that ethan got his mission call! isn't he like 14?!!! they grow up so fast. that is so great. i bet he will be an awesome missionary! who is next to go out? and where is he going
    so my comp got lice! woot! so we spent all night picking it out and found the queen and king lice and we killed them. she was soooo mad it was funny. she was like"i'm soo dirty!!! ewewewewewwwww!!" hahahaa she's a funny  one. everyone says they are surprised that i havn't gotten it yet cause you usually get it at least once on the mission. but i've suffered other things so i hope i don't ever get lice! hahaha well i love you all very much. dad i hope you don't starve without mom!! lol love you!!

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