Monday, August 10, 2015

i already knew what questions i had to ask her

what's up! this week was killer! wanna know why?? cause i started a purification.. its where you write down ALL the things you are doing or thinking that could take the spirit away and you write the things you want to accomplish for example i put  wanted to strengthen my faith and be more patient.. so then you write down the plan on how you will achieve that.. it was awesome. then you fast.. let my tell ya.. its HARD!! and every night you have to consult with the lord about your purification.. so that's what i've been doing. think i was able to cut out all 20 things on my list?? NOPE! but i sure feel a change in my life since i've started.. its awesome. we have been seeing miracles... i feel like i'm not so stressed... i feel the spirit more.. its soo great. i love it. i feel like i've been more patient with the elders... for example.. we can't go on the internet till our whole district is here and my beloved district leader is always soooo late. and by the time he gets here there are no machines left.. so i always call him in the morning to remind him and he still fails to get here early and then when he gets here i hand it to him... lol so this monday he was later than ever but i didn't say anything :) in fact i was extra nice to him.. and it was so easy to just not care... so yeah i feel like i have more control of myself! hahah so yesterday we went to the hospital to translate for the gringo doctors that came in.. sooo i was the only sister that was there out of the missionaries and guess what room they put me in... gynecology (i dunno how to spell it.. my mind is in spanish mode) so yeah we helped about 10 patients and you can just imagine the things i had to see and translate.. but it was soooo cool cause i learnt sooooo much about the woman's body!! i was sooo shocked at how much i learned when i left the hospital! it was sad to see some of the cases that the women here have. the gynecologist agreed that woman suffer a lot and have so many different pains. but i got to see an ultra sound too. so today i'm going in again to translate ;) with hna miner!! woot that means that after i'm done here at the internet i get to roll with her till 5pm! yay! love her.... we are going to pick up her packet in the offices and we know its going to be great cause her family always sends LOADS of munchies! so that will be great. haha but yeah the doctor was training another doctor.. and he has 20 years experience and he is the best! he was so patient with her and explained so clearly to her! he was SOOO great. he wanted a pic with us after and tried to put his arm around us and i was like woah!! ehhhhh sorry but as missionaries you basically can only shake our hand.. haha he was like OHH SORRY!! hahaha but it was cool cause he was treating me like i was a doctor in training too.. like when the peruvian woman would tell me her case i would explain to the doctor and i already knew what questions i had to ask her because of the previous patients.. and the doctor would ask.. "ok what do you think is causing her pains from what she is telling us?" and i would respond..." her back.. and one thing she needs to do is get physical therapy to strengthen her back muscles and that will help with her internal pain... she also need to go on birth control to regulate her insides because her miscarriage irregulated everything" and he says " EXCELLENT!" hahahahha it was soooo fun! so i'm excited to get back there today. i learnt a whole different vocabulary in spanish..(won't mention what words) but it was fun.  
translating for the docs
well i'm super stoked for this next week that's coming cause we will have more proselyting time! and we have found awesome investigators.. all this week i have been coordinating a huge family history activity that we had for all of iquitos.. lots of work but it was a success! the president and his family came and sat through while we taught and explained . and they called me after and said it was well done :) wellllll i'm glad dad that you still do things to please mom. a woman likes that and you get brownie points to. happy wife happy life. 

love you all soo much!!
forgot to say.. put the cd called "called to serve" and listen to in on a roadie to pg or something and listen to the words! and think of me and lana.. its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i listen to it alll the time. its the closest to country music as its going to get for me haha.. but the words pump me up!  
always wanted a pic with a little peruvian child's hand in mine!
family history
when i saw sister child's family!! they were sooo happy! they just happened to go to my ward and still havn't seen hna child till later today! it was weird seeing an american. i was so happy to see them though cause i met them on skype during xmas and they are the kindest nicest family ever :)
pday photoshooot!!! haha yep calll me a poser dad... i know you're rolling your eyes!

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