Monday, August 24, 2015

in alma 37:23 it mentions a Gazelem... what is it?????!!

dad! what's up?? well i've got a few things to say. first off. to inform you all i will be flying home with lana. i got permission from my president and the missionary who does all the flights will make sure our flights connect for the last part in vancouver. but he is going to try to fly me to mexico to where lana is before she takes off. we will see! so now the family knows that they can plan to be there that week if they are able to. 
    so this week was awesome!!!!! i can't remember if i mentioned that we are in a trio. with hna lozano. she extended 2 weeks cause she's waiting for her parents. and we have SO MUCH FUN! i love the spirit we feel and we enjoy the work so much together. we are always laughing and talking to everybody. its been so great! we had an awesome week. 
we found a woman who is 30, she's single and has no kids or friends or nothing... because of her character. she stopped us on the streets and pulled us in. she said that she just couldn't take it anymore and wants to stop being mad and hating everyone. she says she hates god and that he is bad. and she has gone through lots of sad things in her life that makes her think that. she said that she wants to change and has tried therapy and everything and nothing that works so now her last resource is god. so we explained the plan of salvation. it was a very unique lesson and she had a billion questions. she just wanted to change the perspective she has of god so little by little we are helping her and she is willing to complete the invitations we make her.. so while i was in family history i was reading a talk and realized it would be perfect for her. its called "he will never forget you" or something like that. and i printed it off and we went over to her house and she read it and at a certain part she started to cry! and we all started crying cause the spirit was strong and for once in her life she was recognizing that she was feeling god's love! our heavenly father loves her soooo much!!! so she came to church with us and had sooooo many questions in gospel principles that after we went into a room and taught her. her spirit hungers so much for the gospel! it really is amazing! we have a cita with her tonight and i'm so pumped. i love people like her who are willing to change and do whatever it takes to change and be happy. she is sad because everyone hates her she says. but we love her!!!!!
      well i love you all so much. i hope you have an excellent week!
ps. question dad.... in alma 37:23 it mentions a Gazelem... what is it?????!!

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