Monday, October 27, 2014

now i understand why its so important for us to prepare for missions from the day we are born

hey dad! so i was a little frustrated last week.. i went to the bank and my card didn't work. i'm going to try a different place today.. ugh i still beat myself up for losing my card. the lady at the bank was saying that my card has to be visa or mastercard for it to work in this country and i was like uhhh no cause i have used it in lima before! and i started getting impatient and talking all fast in spanish ahhaha and my comp was like nudging me reminding me whos name i'm wearing on my plaque... man..... its hard to be patient sometimes but good thing i'm learning how to be patient on my mission haha. what's eloba? like aliens?? give me details! hahah its funny how a missionary is literally in a different world than the rest of everyone else! its going to be crazy when i get home again.. it'll be super weird i already know it. so how's everyone? this week a scripture that has been stuck in my head is helaman 5:12. it talks about how we should build our foundation on jesus christ so that way satan's winds and storms won't be able to drag us down. its so very true. each time we miss a day of reading our BOM or praying or miss a sunday, that grasp on the iron rod weakens therefore making it slightly easier for satan to tempt us. i want to regresar en la presencia de dios otra vez, junto con mi familia. estoy bien agradecida que tu y mama estan casado en el templo. me hace sentir paz en mi corazon en los momentos cuando estoy extra├▒ando mi familia. so thank you for everything you have done for the family dad. i think you're the perfect dad for me.
              how's ten with preparing for his mission? its crazy cause now i understand why its so important for us to prepare for missions from the day we are born. i love my mission. i love iquitos. and i didn't get changed and everyone was very surprised. i'm sure this next cambio one of us is going! but we will see.
     so two nights ago i had a dream.. lol i had gotten home from my mission and i was talking to mom in english. (i was controlling everything i was saying in the dream it was kinda cool) and then mom was responding in spanish like always, and then i was like WOAHH OK... i'm sorry mom but from now on i'm going to speak spanish. so i started telling her about my investigators and how they were progressing before i got home... then i went over to lana and started talking with her in spanish and it was just so awesome cause my spanish was perfect. and then when i woke up i started telling my comp about it and that whole day as i spoke spanish i felt so fluent.... its weird how your thoughts change to spanish. when i get home i'm going to speak only spanish to mom and lots with you too dad :) and only spanish with abuela and abuelo and Lana and brendan. and i'm going to pretend i can't understand brendan if he talks to me in english.. hahaa and i'm going to marry someone who speaks spanish (not a latino tho) lol 
    well i hope all is well.. i don't know what to do about my card.... i'll see if it works today. what a pain in the butt!! love u all!
cutest monkey i've seen
i love monkeys

Monday, October 20, 2014

if we truly have given all our heart to the lord would we be perfect?

dad! that's awesome that you had the sister missionaries over for dinner. make sure to always help them and give them references!! tell them to go to kate's house! and make sure that the sister missionaries are always fed and aren't thirsty!!!!!! hahah so hows the snow coming along? man i miss snow. its just always hot here. it never stops. so lana completed 5 months eh?!!! WOW! TIME FLIES :( but thats okay... so i have a plan.. i know its suuuper far awway but i'm gunna say it anyway. sooo when me and lana get home we can spend the first sunday there and then we should go down to grans for christmas and that way me and lana can load our stuff in the truck and move it back. of course i expect to spend that whole month with you guys though!! haha just a thought so that everyone can put that in their agendas lol
    alright so this week was pretty good. we were walking and this man stopped us and was asking a bunch of questions. so we planned to visit him and he said his mom was super sick. so let's just say his name is we went to juans and man i felt so bad. their house is super small and we taught a lesson on their bed cause there was nowhere else to teach. and i realized it was made of straw ;( he offered us the little food that he had left. his mom is nearly dying so the member we came with gave her a blessing. they were so grateful that we were there. juan kept saying that he was so grateful that god sent him "angels". we invited him to a baptism and he was like YES! i will do whatever it takes to follow christ. i know god is looking for me so i have to do what it takes. so we were like awesome! and invited him to church and to pray sobre la iglesia y preguntar dios si jose smith realmente fue un profeta de dios (about the church and ask God if Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God). hahah sorry its sometimes easier to explain in spanish. but ya it was a real blessing to be able to find him. 
    so my spanish is coming along great. only 2 more months and i'll be able to speak it with you guys! so excited for that! mom will be proud! hopefully i don't have much of a peruvian accent! but if i do that's's ten with his mission prep? tell him to read his scriptures like crazy and study the preach my gospel cause he will be so grateful that he did! i hope he gets called somewhere spanish speaking. that would be soo awesome. today after the internet we have cambios!!! i think my comp is leaving and i'm staying. but it's funny cause "cambios" are like.. the talk of the week for missionaries and we all opinionate on who we think is staying or going or training. lolll it's fun. our world really is soo small!!!
             we had interviews with the president this week. he's great. he asked me something that made me think all week long. he said ¨"do you feel like you have given all your heart to the lord?" and man it's hard... cause what does that really mean?? we aren't perfect.. if we truly have given all our heart to the lord would we be perfect? i know i always have something to improve on.i can always be a little more humble or zone leader once reminded me that the mission is like the refiners fire- the lord uses it to melt away imperfections and flaws. and it's so true.. he's pretty smart ;) the lord works with us and helps us receive revelation to become better. i love the mission because we are always in tune with the spirit and more vulnerable to what god is trying to show us.
    well i hope you have a great week. i may test out my bank card this week or the week after. i'm good for money for a while i just wanted to make sure it worked.. love you all!

Monday, October 13, 2014

service is the key to a happy and righteous life

hello family :) ok so the week of conference we didn't get to watch it because it was elections in iquitos and so its a law that there are no meetings allowed to happen the day before elections and the day of and the day after. so we proselyted all weekend and yeah.. so yesterday and saturday we got to listen. and it was awesome!!! the gringos were so excited cause we got to listen to it in english in our own little gringo room! i'm so glad to cause its hard to take notes while they talk in spanish. the zone leader was saying how conference is awesome cause its like a little piece of america with just the gringos in the room speaking english lol. so it was awesome. i agree with lana about the joseph smith talk! blew my mind. before conference i wrote down all my questions and concerns that i had about life and all of them were responded. it was super sweet. i'm glad because now i feel more tranquila. i loved all the talks but one that stood out to me was Jorg Klebingats. he was amazing and blunt! i laughed how at the beginning he was like "my intentions aren't to offend anyone" then he was like "alright number one....what would you do if you had an interview with jesus christ right now.." then he laid down the law. it was awesome! i loved it so much.i like how he said to become good at repenting cause if we do that we will come to understand the atonement better and learn to accept jesus christ as our saviour.
     Elder Holland's was amazing too i wanted to go out and serve as soon as he was done speaking. "we retain a remission of our sins by serving others" its so true. service is the key to a happy and righteous life.
     so its kinda funny how lana mentioned that whenever her investigators see her family pics they drool all over brendan. that's exactly what they do here to! every time they ask to see a pic i prepare myself. hahaha they ask if he's single and if hes an RM and its funny cause my comp is always like "he's waiting for me" hahahaha then they get all sad!  but then she says just joking. but seriously every single person has drooled over brendan! its so funny. 
         so i'm still enjoying the mission. i wonder if lana got changed. we have cambios next monday and i have a little feeling that i'm going to train someone this next cambio cuase theres 13 new hermanas coming. and one of the sister leaders is leaving and i bet my comp now will be the new sister leader. we´will see! oh ya before i forget... i went to go test out my bank card and it wouldn't work! can you tell mom to please go to the bank and tell them to make sure i can use it in peru? ughhh. haha i beat myself up over losing my bank card in Lima MTC!!! 
          so i'm glad to hear that tennyson takes care of my car and that you're going to put a new stereo in it and not taking out my subs! hahah i love my subs! there is a way to adjust the audio on the stereo but its kinda weird to do it and really annoying cause sometimes it doesn't work. so how's the weather? any snow that's actually stuck to the ground? well i love you all lots!
   hermana blackmore
ps man the dogs last night were so annoying. one barked at the air for 3 hours straight. i was so tempted to run outside to make it be quiet but that's against the rules so i just opened the window and yelled and it but that made it worse. so now i'm tired!! LOL
yep i held this mono. reminds me of ?????????????!!
this pics funny cause our motocar ran outta gas on the way to conference so we hopped in another one and he pushed the motocar that ran outta gas with his foot to the gas station.. only in iquitos... lol
our zone leaders pensionita. she loves us!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

its the pure love of christ

DAD! hahah you're totally right!  i didn't think of that but i will be more careful! but you know me... always expressing myself!  can't believe there's 1000 hits. now i feel bad.  anyway i miss you guys lots! how is everything! that's crazy that the lake is super low. well this week has been awesome! this week we have had the goal to find lots of new investigators by going out with the members and asking people for references and we have been seeing miracles. like reference after reference! and we have been contacting lots and people have been accepting citas.
   so its  kinda funny cause we were having a meeting with our district leaders and we were talking about my first days here and how it was so funny to them cause i never ate anything and i always looked too uncomfortable and i was crying everyday! lol and we were laughing so hard at the stories the elders were telling about my first days here. its awesome cause i love my mission so much. its SO fun and i feel like time is going by way too fast! so there's not too much that's new. i still wake up and when i go outside i can't believe i'm on a mission in peru iquitos, the most remote place in peru. LOVE IT! haha 
    so i have been studying a lot this week about charity cause i feel like its something that i have lacked a lot in my life. in moroni 7 it talks perfectly about what charity is. its the pure love of christ. i have been praying for the lord to please help me with that and test me so that i could prove to myself that i am improving with that quality. so i have been trying to treat my companion with lots of love no matter the things she may do that i don't agree with. it has made me love her more. well i don't have that much time to write this week so i will write more next week. love u all!!