Monday, October 20, 2014

if we truly have given all our heart to the lord would we be perfect?

dad! that's awesome that you had the sister missionaries over for dinner. make sure to always help them and give them references!! tell them to go to kate's house! and make sure that the sister missionaries are always fed and aren't thirsty!!!!!! hahah so hows the snow coming along? man i miss snow. its just always hot here. it never stops. so lana completed 5 months eh?!!! WOW! TIME FLIES :( but thats okay... so i have a plan.. i know its suuuper far awway but i'm gunna say it anyway. sooo when me and lana get home we can spend the first sunday there and then we should go down to grans for christmas and that way me and lana can load our stuff in the truck and move it back. of course i expect to spend that whole month with you guys though!! haha just a thought so that everyone can put that in their agendas lol
    alright so this week was pretty good. we were walking and this man stopped us and was asking a bunch of questions. so we planned to visit him and he said his mom was super sick. so let's just say his name is we went to juans and man i felt so bad. their house is super small and we taught a lesson on their bed cause there was nowhere else to teach. and i realized it was made of straw ;( he offered us the little food that he had left. his mom is nearly dying so the member we came with gave her a blessing. they were so grateful that we were there. juan kept saying that he was so grateful that god sent him "angels". we invited him to a baptism and he was like YES! i will do whatever it takes to follow christ. i know god is looking for me so i have to do what it takes. so we were like awesome! and invited him to church and to pray sobre la iglesia y preguntar dios si jose smith realmente fue un profeta de dios (about the church and ask God if Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God). hahah sorry its sometimes easier to explain in spanish. but ya it was a real blessing to be able to find him. 
    so my spanish is coming along great. only 2 more months and i'll be able to speak it with you guys! so excited for that! mom will be proud! hopefully i don't have much of a peruvian accent! but if i do that's's ten with his mission prep? tell him to read his scriptures like crazy and study the preach my gospel cause he will be so grateful that he did! i hope he gets called somewhere spanish speaking. that would be soo awesome. today after the internet we have cambios!!! i think my comp is leaving and i'm staying. but it's funny cause "cambios" are like.. the talk of the week for missionaries and we all opinionate on who we think is staying or going or training. lolll it's fun. our world really is soo small!!!
             we had interviews with the president this week. he's great. he asked me something that made me think all week long. he said ¨"do you feel like you have given all your heart to the lord?" and man it's hard... cause what does that really mean?? we aren't perfect.. if we truly have given all our heart to the lord would we be perfect? i know i always have something to improve on.i can always be a little more humble or zone leader once reminded me that the mission is like the refiners fire- the lord uses it to melt away imperfections and flaws. and it's so true.. he's pretty smart ;) the lord works with us and helps us receive revelation to become better. i love the mission because we are always in tune with the spirit and more vulnerable to what god is trying to show us.
    well i hope you have a great week. i may test out my bank card this week or the week after. i'm good for money for a while i just wanted to make sure it worked.. love you all!

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