Monday, October 27, 2014

now i understand why its so important for us to prepare for missions from the day we are born

hey dad! so i was a little frustrated last week.. i went to the bank and my card didn't work. i'm going to try a different place today.. ugh i still beat myself up for losing my card. the lady at the bank was saying that my card has to be visa or mastercard for it to work in this country and i was like uhhh no cause i have used it in lima before! and i started getting impatient and talking all fast in spanish ahhaha and my comp was like nudging me reminding me whos name i'm wearing on my plaque... man..... its hard to be patient sometimes but good thing i'm learning how to be patient on my mission haha. what's eloba? like aliens?? give me details! hahah its funny how a missionary is literally in a different world than the rest of everyone else! its going to be crazy when i get home again.. it'll be super weird i already know it. so how's everyone? this week a scripture that has been stuck in my head is helaman 5:12. it talks about how we should build our foundation on jesus christ so that way satan's winds and storms won't be able to drag us down. its so very true. each time we miss a day of reading our BOM or praying or miss a sunday, that grasp on the iron rod weakens therefore making it slightly easier for satan to tempt us. i want to regresar en la presencia de dios otra vez, junto con mi familia. estoy bien agradecida que tu y mama estan casado en el templo. me hace sentir paz en mi corazon en los momentos cuando estoy extra├▒ando mi familia. so thank you for everything you have done for the family dad. i think you're the perfect dad for me.
              how's ten with preparing for his mission? its crazy cause now i understand why its so important for us to prepare for missions from the day we are born. i love my mission. i love iquitos. and i didn't get changed and everyone was very surprised. i'm sure this next cambio one of us is going! but we will see.
     so two nights ago i had a dream.. lol i had gotten home from my mission and i was talking to mom in english. (i was controlling everything i was saying in the dream it was kinda cool) and then mom was responding in spanish like always, and then i was like WOAHH OK... i'm sorry mom but from now on i'm going to speak spanish. so i started telling her about my investigators and how they were progressing before i got home... then i went over to lana and started talking with her in spanish and it was just so awesome cause my spanish was perfect. and then when i woke up i started telling my comp about it and that whole day as i spoke spanish i felt so fluent.... its weird how your thoughts change to spanish. when i get home i'm going to speak only spanish to mom and lots with you too dad :) and only spanish with abuela and abuelo and Lana and brendan. and i'm going to pretend i can't understand brendan if he talks to me in english.. hahaa and i'm going to marry someone who speaks spanish (not a latino tho) lol 
    well i hope all is well.. i don't know what to do about my card.... i'll see if it works today. what a pain in the butt!! love u all!
cutest monkey i've seen
i love monkeys

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