Monday, October 6, 2014

its the pure love of christ

DAD! hahah you're totally right!  i didn't think of that but i will be more careful! but you know me... always expressing myself!  can't believe there's 1000 hits. now i feel bad.  anyway i miss you guys lots! how is everything! that's crazy that the lake is super low. well this week has been awesome! this week we have had the goal to find lots of new investigators by going out with the members and asking people for references and we have been seeing miracles. like reference after reference! and we have been contacting lots and people have been accepting citas.
   so its  kinda funny cause we were having a meeting with our district leaders and we were talking about my first days here and how it was so funny to them cause i never ate anything and i always looked too uncomfortable and i was crying everyday! lol and we were laughing so hard at the stories the elders were telling about my first days here. its awesome cause i love my mission so much. its SO fun and i feel like time is going by way too fast! so there's not too much that's new. i still wake up and when i go outside i can't believe i'm on a mission in peru iquitos, the most remote place in peru. LOVE IT! haha 
    so i have been studying a lot this week about charity cause i feel like its something that i have lacked a lot in my life. in moroni 7 it talks perfectly about what charity is. its the pure love of christ. i have been praying for the lord to please help me with that and test me so that i could prove to myself that i am improving with that quality. so i have been trying to treat my companion with lots of love no matter the things she may do that i don't agree with. it has made me love her more. well i don't have that much time to write this week so i will write more next week. love u all!!

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