Monday, September 22, 2014

when we get together as a zone we talk charapa!

hey family! thanks dad for that email. it really does help me spiritually. every week i am enjoying my mission more and more and more and more! its so amazing to be on a mission. seriously its the best because i know that there is nothing better that i can be doing. it will be crazy when its all over. my knowledge of the scriptures is growing more and more and i love  that. all i can think about is how i can help my future investigators with that knowledge and my future children. i want to be like you. i remember when we would read scriptures as a family and you would explain each verse with detail because you had studied them before. i want to do that with my children. and i feel like it will be weird getting back to canada one day and having more resources! i feel like i've been here long enough that i'm super used to it and i'll feel so foreign when i get back to canada! hahah it'll be weird walking into a grocery store and finding absolutely everything i need. it will be weird speaking english! i make so many grammar mistakes  when i speak and write english cause i'm always talking in spanish and writing in spanish. not sure if you can tell but i can! hahah or when i write something in english i double check it cause it looks wrong but i can't remember if its right or wrong so i get a second opinion from another american hahahahaha LIFE...... eh dad? hahahah LIFE! 
        so last saturday we had a baptism. my first! it was awesome. Marcela was super happy. her mom cried and was super happy for her daughter. marcela went all out for her baptism. lol bought a white dress, got her hair done, bought nails, so much food too. hahah and that's not normal here. its normal in canada but here its not cause it costs a lot to do that. the baptism was a little unorganized and i was getting super frustrated trying to figure it out while it was all happening. the man who was supposed to baptize her ditched for another meeting so the bishop had to scramble for clothes to baptize her and the lady who was supposed to speak didn't show up cause she was apparently sick. i don't get it!!!! its so normal to do that here and apparently its normal for baptisms to be a gong show! i was trying to stay calm the whole time so that the spirit could stay. hahah but oh well what can you do. and of course it started 45 minutes later than the normal time. but here they say that peru never progresses because everyone's always late! LOL. crazy peeps.
this is marcela. the one that got baptized this saturday!! she told me that she was writing vicky on facebook haha
         so when we were serving drinks afterwards i was scooping the juice with the cups and noticed a ton of ants! hahah i was like OH NO!! so every time i was scooping the drinks i tried dodging the ants. didn't work too well but no one seemed to care! jungle life.....hahaha i definitely love it here despite all the things i never thought i would get used to in my life! this jungle mission really is one of a kind. but i would still rather have this type of life than a city life! i really don't like the city. 
             so i forgot my sheet that has all the points of things that i wanted to write about but oh well. so my companion flew to lima to do stuff for her visa cause she's still illegal here hahah then they flew her to chili to get her out of the country for a bit so she can be legal for another amount of time. i was so jealous! how cool would it have been to be there! especially cause that's where you served! i was a little jealous of her. well while she was gone the sister leader came and stayed with me. her name is hermana gutierrez. she's awesome! she finishes the next cambio and is from argentina. she taught me a lot! she's seriously great. knows a lot. and told me that at the beginning of her mission she knew hardly nothing and it was always frustrating to teach. she was super patient with me and we did lesson practices so that i can learn a few things from her. i really enjoyed my stay with her. 
      well dad how's the weather there? you gotta tell me when you get the first snowfall! its been crazy hot here. i almost die everyday. i'm used to it now and now i can't believe that when i get home there will be snow and coldness! me and lana are NOT going to be used to it! hahaha well dad how's my car! last night i was thinking about how much i miss driving stick! lol well i love you all so much toodles!!
so we did a little fundraiser for the wedding of carlos and españa this wednesday and the elders wrote this on the sign! hahahah que chistoso! here they talk so charapa! (slang) for example they'll say... el posho es muy rico si di?? like the "di" its not even a word but they say it after they say si.. or sometimes in place of "si?" they say "di?" hahaha its horrible! so when we get together as a zone we talk charapa! hahaha like when they say jueves they say "feves" or fe=fue or fue=fe or enfermo=enfuermo.. the accent is not pretty!! hahahahaha i can't wait to show you guys when we talk on the phone!

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