Monday, September 8, 2014

do you think its wise to send more gringas to the jungle?

not gunna lie dad i'm shocked and a little sad that you didn't send me some type of gospel doctrine! hahh that's okay though at least you emailed me! that's so crazy that there is frost on the ground in the morning! WOW!! the word frost.. i cant even picture it. its always so hot here. even when it rains i never put on a sweater cause its so humid and hot still. i can't believe that i left right before summer started and now summer there is over. i know i'll be excited to see snow and BC trees next year. its crazy how fast time flies by. the sister training leader is going home today. well shes flying to lima and then at like 1 am flying to georgia then utah. her name is hna price. i'm a little sad because i remember when i first got here i was supper stressed and wanted to go home and i was so uncomfortable but she made me feel better. she was one of the first sisters here in the jungle. she was telling me how she had an interview with one of the area of the 70s and he was like "so do you think its wise to send more gringas to the jungle?" and hna price was like YES PLEASE! haha so its kinda cool because we really are making history here in the jungle as sister missionaries, being some of the first gringas here. lol but ya so today we are going to the airport to say goodbye to hna price and hna simonson! hna simonson was awesome to. her and i became friends and it was super easy to talk to her and get along. so we definitely wanna say goodbye. its crazy to hear the stories of other missionaries. every single one of them has their own story. they were telling me how time goes by so fast so don't waste it. i agree with the other night at about 5:15 am this super loud voice started talking in a microphone outside. i was soooo mad cause i'm such a light sleeper and already wake up for the slightest thing and i thought they would stop talking but then hna flor (lady that we live with) was like get up girls!! cover all your stuff and go outside now!! and we were like WOAH whats going on! hahh thought we were under attack,,... but then we were told that here was an outbreak of dengue and cholera so they were going in everyone's house in the city to spray this air that smells super strong that kills bugs... so far they have done it twice.... but i guess its necessary so oh well!!
    speaking of hna flor she made me a skirt! its so pretty. i'll send a pic of it. she really loves us alot. its super nice to have her take such good care of us. i'm glad shes our pensionista. 
    so i'll update you on carlos and espana. we went to pick them up for there interview with the mission president and we get there and espana was all sad and were were like ohhhh no..... and she said her and carlos were fighting and that they weren't gunna go to the interview.. i had to walk away for a few minutes cause i couldn't hold back the tears. so i put myself back together and i was like.. "espana. tell me, who is it that is laughing at you right now because you're not going to the interview?" she responded, satan. and i was like "exactly. right now he thinks he can win. but you are on the lord's side. show him your faith and willingness to come unto christ. i know you are strong and can do this." so she started crying again and we called the elders to come talk to carlos while we talked to espana. so 45 minutes later they were both cheered up and so we called the president and he told us to come fast! we were so happy!!!! it was crazy. we were so relieved and i was thinking to myself... wow... the things a mission can bring you... but they were so glad that they went to their interview. they said they felt sooo good afterwards. and they are so excited to get married and baptized. so we went there on wednesday.. oh and by the way espanas family lives right next door like their house is even connected and carlos and espana live in a bedroom that leads outside and that's it. anyway so we get there and go inside espanas room/house and she was almost in tears and apparently seconds before we got there her brother was beating his girlfriend...i didn't even notice but the girlfriend was standing outside covered in blood . she was standing a little ways away from the door just standing there... so we looked outside and the brother was watching her... she knew that if she left he would probably kill heart sank. espana handed her a towel to wipe her blood. i wanted to protect her and help her somehow. my comp was telling me to stay calm cause apparently it looked like i was mad. i was mad though. and sad. how could someone do that. but we left right away because of mission rules. it wasn't safe there. we told espana to offer a prayer to help calm down her brother. the next day espana told us he had just gotten out of jail for doing the worst of the worst... made us so sad because he was so nice to us and we even had an appointment with him a while ago cause he said he wanted to change his life. it was crazy. all this week we have been listening to people's problems. i get so sick to my stomach about the things i hear that afterwards i cry. one girl that reminds me a lot of vicky that is getting baptized told us about her life.. i couldn't help but think of vicky and how grateful i am to know that right now she has parents who protect her and make her feel good about herself and teach her the truths of the gospel.
      yesterday at church i gave the lesson for the second hour on missionary work. it was awesome cause we felt the spirit so strong and the investigators were crying and espana said that she wants to teach her daughter the gospel so that one day she could go on a mission. i really do love my mission more and more everyday! its so rewarding and exhausting and fun and crazy and sad and happy all at the same time!
      well its been so hot lately! some days the sun is stronger than others! apparently we are in summer now.. i totally agree,. hah there are a lot of fruits that i've been trying out and i love them,! i'll send some pics. well i love you all!!!! i wanted to bring my study journal to share a spiritual thought but i forgot it!!! i've been studying lots mosiah chapter 1-3.. i've studied it in depth. writing all my thoughts and revising each verse carefully. and i can definitely say that its helped me teach better and my testimony on the atonement is stronger than its every been. we are so blessed because jesus christ died for us. because of him es posible para regresar a vivir con dios otro vez. siempre debemos arrepentir de nuestros pecados para que cada dia podemos progresar y ser como cristo. i love this gospel and and eternally grateful for you and mom because you've taught me so much. LOVE YOU ALL
dad! forgot to say that yes i dream in spanish! i dream almost everynight that i'm in a lesson teaching investigators.. almost every night that's what i dream. hahah and you were going to let ten go to school in raymond!!! man that would be sweet i think he would of loved it and all the boys would look up to him and take him in as a friend cause tennyson has the type of spirit where everyone wants to be around him. alot of the boys there don't want to serve missions and i think he could be an example for greater good that will cause some boys to change their minds about a mission. tell that punk to write me!!!!!!!!!!
fruit that looks like a zuccini

 suri.. eeeeew


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