Monday, November 3, 2014

in preach my gospel it says to not get discouraged

hey dad. so i tried going to scotia bank and i talked to everyone and tried other banks but they say my card won’t work cause it’s not a visa or credit. LAME! and i went to the mission office to see if one of the missionaries who work there could help me so we tried logging into my account online and it didn’t let me on! we tried calling all the numbers from rbc but NOTHING! like the numbers didn’t even work. I’m bummed out. but ya the card has to have the visa sign on it or credit or something like that. but thanks for sending me money... i could reallllly use it right now! if i get changed to moyobamba or tarapoto i think I’ll need to buy a blanket cause apparently it gets cold there at night . here we don’t sleep with anything. maybe a bed sheet if it rains all night,
      man they totally don’t celebrate halloween here!! i was kinda bummed! and apparently its like that for xmas too! hahah thats one thing i love about canada is that we celebrate the holidays! like we go all out. but that’s alright. I’m still loving the mission. seriously i know i always say this but time flies sooooo fast. i almost have as much time on the mission that my comp did when she started training me and now she’s got a year on her mission! ahhhhh and i feel like she goes home so soon. crazy.
      so we have a bunch of new investigators one is progressing alot and wants to get baptized but we are having a hard time with helping our other investigators progress. so we are asking ourselves what we are doing wrong? we are doing all we can to be COMPLETELY obedient. we are praying hard and are fasting and asking for miracles and checking up on the investigators and they say they’ll come to church but they end up not coming.... it makes me sad. but in preach my gospel it says to not get discouraged because that’ll make the spirit go away and we will be weaken our faith that way. so I’m trying to keep myself up there. 
      so we don’t ever have time changes here! It’s the same all year around! hahaa its funny cause i asked someone if there is a winter here and they were like yeah its right now! and then i ask someone else and they are like oh its summer right now! and then the next day it rains and I’m like hey what season is it...and they say winter.. so I’ve learned not to ask anyone cause there actually aren’t seasons here lollll....
           so I’m  super excited to get to talk to you guys in december! its so soon. wow. i can just hear your voices in my head. maybe you can make me a skype and send me the username and password cause i can’t remember mine! hahah   so remember when we creeped hermana benyos blog before my mission? well she’s the new sister leader and i stayed with her the other night and we had a blast! She’s supeeer cool! hahah. she totally uplifted me and helped me feel better about a few things. but anyway i love you all lots !! XOXOXO

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