Monday, November 10, 2014

we were just so glad...

DAD!!! no gospel doctrine in your email what the heck!! haha that's ok to be honest i really enjoyed all the info you gave me! so the sister training leaders aren't like district leaders. basically they help the sister with personal things that they need. like medical things. they help us figure out ways to get along if we don't get along. they do work visits with us to to help us improve on anything we may need to improve on! they are awesome! so that's super awesome that brendan is having fun. gran told me he basically lives with dillon. i think its awesome that brendan has a cousin there. i really miss katlyn. and her kids. they are such well behaved boys. i know aunt tekla was grateful for the time she got to spend with them before they came to earth.  thank you so much for ordering me a new bank card!! i guess i'll get it in about 2 months hahaha i'll probably get transferred and be in moyobamba or pucalpa by the time it gets to iquitos and then the mission office will have to send it to me. lollll jungle life...... LOVE IT. so i heard taylor swift came out with new songs!! hahaha elder workinger in my district told me about it cause he was all stoked about it and knew i love her too. haha so we were ranting about it for a while. 
     so this week we tried hard to keep the rules to a TEE! it was awesome dad cause we saw a huge improvement in our area. we didn't have investigators progressing for a bit and we were bummed out and the ZL were annoying us cause they thought that we weren't seeing improvement cause we were not getting along and we were like dude... we are like bff and get along better than in the world.. but its all good. they are just trying to help us :) so anyway we fasted and prayed duraso.(hard) and ya we found an investigator that had been looking for the truth. she came to church with us and is reading her scriptures and has a real desire to follow christ so we "saco la fecha por su bautizmo" and ya she is so excited!!.
     so we have been working a lot with espaƱa. shes a little bit discouraged ( like we all get sometimes) and so we went there and sang a hymn with her and she started bawling. i was glad cause that means she felt the spirit and she wanted to feel god's love. we sang "i need thee every hour". we felt so good. then the district leader came and gave carlos a blessing of comfort. it was super nice. a good experience. we went home and i prayed with hermana rodriguez and we were both in tears after cause we were just so glad that heavenly father had been answering our prayers and that we could feel his love and presence. so its been a good week, 
      a little story. we got home and there were cops everywhere around our house and we look over and there is this guy laying on the floor and people everywhere and i definitely thought he was killed or something but we asked and he had fallen off the dump truck. here the dump trucks are super tall and big and the garbage guys ride on top. he wasn't dead but he was super hurt and unconscious. it was sad.
        this week we have been using alma 5 a lot. i was studying it one day and it made me think... A LOT. i imagined myself in an interview with jesus christ and him asking me all the questions in alma 5
 27 Have ye walked, keeping yourselves blameless before God? Could ye say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that ye have been sufficiently humble? That your garments have been cleansed and made white through the blood of Christ, who will come to redeem his people from their sins?
   i love this verse. this mission is teaching me a lot about my own salvation. all day constantly we are talking about the gospel. i am learning so much about how i need to change or be in order to inherit the kingdom of god. so when i have an interview with my saviour i want to be able to go into it knowing that it'll be a good interview and i will be able to pass it. maybe for FHE today you guys can read alma 5 and tell everyone to imagine they are going into an interview with jesus christ. explain that one day we will be judged and we must do all we can to stand blameless before god.
    well i love you all and hope you have an excellent week. 
    con mucho amor, 
           tu hija hermana blackmore

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