Monday, November 24, 2014

its impossible to have the spirit when there is contention

dad!!! SO I JUST READ LANAS EMAIL CAUSE she sends me a copy of it to every week and i know exactly how she feels with being sad to leave her area!!! AHH! me and lammy are totally on the same page. i think that i will get changed next monday. so i'm prepping my heart and soul cause i have become SO close with the people here! seriously dad everyone on the streets know us and they are always so happy to see us and i can't believe that the time is ending. why!!! :( My comp and i have been through so much. yeah we have our arguments that feel like will never get resolved but we always have inventory when one of us is upset and fix everything cause its impossible to have the spirit when there is contention. and we ALWAYS resolve things. she has become a super good friend of mine. one thing i love about her is that she's loyal. i can trust her with my life. she is a great person and i'm grateful that she trained me. out of all her companions she has been with me the longest so its safe to say that i know her the best out of all the sisters and i am so proud to say that. i will remember her always. i will never forget the time we were working so hard to help one of our converts before their baptism and we were at the mission office super sad and we went into a room and hugged and bawled together praying that god would help us. its amazing how god answers ALL our prayers. he may not answer in the way we want him to and we may not recognize the answer but he answers cause he loves us.
      so last monday the zone got together at the house of the stake president and guess what i ate!!!.......... CROCODILE! at first i didn't wanna but then i was like meh why not... and i ate like 2 big pieces. it was DELICIOUS i have to say that its better then chicken. its yummy. it made me think about arlan cause on his mission they eat a lot of that! haha. and this tuesday we are going to eat turtle.. lolll when i first got here on my mission i was not open to eating new things,. and now i'm like mehh what the heck why not. lol i've chilled out a bit with a lot of things.
        so this week we found a couple.. super awesome. they are about in their 70s and the wife recently lost her leg to diabetes and she got an injection in her neck for medicine and it made her go deaf. i felt so bad dad :( and they cant go back to the doctor cause they can't afford it. there are so many sick and afflicted people. i just want to help them all. but like you told me the best way to help them is teach them that jesus christ can lift all their burdens. this week i've been trying to be more direct and blunt with the people explaining how it is that jesus christ can help them but they MUST do their part. we only have one life to live and we will be sad if we don't do all we can to serve others and come unto christ. i feel like a year and a half is not long at all. everybody deserves an invitation to hear the gospel and sometimes i'm walking down the street thinking "wow there are so many people and they ALL need an invite to hear our message" that's why its so important to work hard and not waste a minute of  my mission cause it really is the time of the lord. i made a covenant with him to serve him completely for a year and a half. what an honor. thanks mom and dad for supporting me. it the best experience i've ever had. i love helping others come unto christ. he is my saviour and redeemer of the world. because of him, i am saved.  words cannot describe how much joy the atonement gives me.
      me and my companion were walking and i felt a strong impression to turn right on this road, i stopped....and i know its bad but i doubted the impression thinking it was my own thought. my comp asked what i was thinking and i told her and she was like well we better go. so we did. immediately my eyes were drawn to this home. we went in to discover that there was a daughter and mother living there. inactives. she had served a mission and they left the church years ago for a few reasons. we taught them and the next lesson we had with them we went there and she showed us pics of her mission and with that we gained her trust. she has a testimony of the church and we let her share it. then i was talking and told her that the ward needs her. that god needs her. as representatives of jesus christ we expressed the love he has for her and for the second time on my mission i cried in a lesson. but a big part of it dad was because she reminds me of Leen. i feel such a strong love for her and i'm glad she reminded me of leen cause i really miss her a lot and pray for her all the time. 
     well i invite you to watch that video for family home evening today please!!!!!! don't forget! hows vix and ten?? they never reply me those geeks!  i love you all soooo much!

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