Monday, December 1, 2014

they are those special socks...

dad! real nice you are! so concerned!! haha wellll to be honest all my socks have holes in them. they are those special socks... like they only go around your toes and heels. they are cheap. i bought mine at the ardenes outlet in PG. and that's pretty much all i need. everything else i need is heavy like spitz haahah so i will have to wait till december to eat those loll. so dad thank you so much for sending me my bank card! you're the best dad in the world. sooo that's crazy that lana had a change! man its so cool how we are both on missions and both can relate each other. i'm so glad she's on a mission too cause when we get home we can talk about it whenever we want and understand each other. so dad i have changes today! but i don't know if i'll have a change! i hope i get to stay for ONE more change so i can be here during xmas!! did you hear that chavo del ocho died! soo sad. everyone in peru was sad lol. so for sunday school we had to teach about the 12 tribes. that was hard for me in spanish. i figured i needed to study it more so dad maybe in your next email you can give me a little lesson on that??? 
    dad how's ten with preparing for a mission? i worry about him a lot. now that i know what a mission is like i pray every single night for ten so that he can prepare for his mission and go on one. did you guys watch that video yet? make sure ten is there when you watch it. its a promise from elder grow that if we work with the less actives and converts and ALWAYS ask for references we will be successful with our baptisms. so me and my comp have been working hard with that and its so true. we have 5 dates set and i feel that we will have more this week. that's another reason i wanna be here another change! its so awesome. i love the people here more and more everyday of my mission. sorry i don't have much to write and i will send pics next week and tell you if i have a new comp! dad be safe in the bush please. not going to lie i worry about you. i hope vix is choosing the right and being a good example for her friends!

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