Monday, December 15, 2014

it followed us to church...

hey dad! what's up. i really do miss hna rodriguez. i'm sitting by her right now actually cause we are at the internet and she filled me in on everyone. buttttttttttt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you so much! hna child loves her dad so much too so we always talk about you guys! hahahah i'm always bragging about you and she brags about hers. its great!!!!! its fun being with her. people like taking pictures of us when we walk down the streets cause we are gringa. its been very interesting. people ALWAYS stare. its really funny how rare it is to see gringos here lol.
      so you're right about how lucky we are to live in canada and be able to provide for ourselves. everyday of my mission i think of how blessed we are to have the things we have. seriously i have never been so grateful for the things i have. being in iquitos has been a huge eye opener for me. when i can, i definitely want to donate money or clothes to the needy. i would love to go work in an orphanage for a while or something to help the poor people. i love them so much and i hate to see them suffer. i want to do all i can to help them.
     so there is this dog that has been following us for the past 5 days!!! its soo funny! it just saw us one day and jumped on us and was sooo happy and we saw that it only had 3 legs!!! we felt soooo bad for it! 

it loves us sooo much and everyone always laughs at us when they see its always following us! hahahahah! it waits for us to get out of lessons and justfollows us. we had to take a motocar to the centro one day and it ran so fast trying to catch up to us! it runs incredibly fast for being a 3 legged dog!! we named him skip. orr... eskeep. hahahaha the elders were like .. you guys seriously named it?
we dont wanna touch skip cause he's homeless and we don't want a disease. but we love him anyway cause he's soo jolly and happy even tho he doesn't have a leg. he's the only dog i like here in peru and the other dogs always try and attack him its so mean and we always stand up for him loll

 it followed us to church and came in and just chilled then followed us out and everyone was laughing at us lol. skip's pretty awesome though. soooo that sucks i won't get to talk to lan but just be ready by the phone all day on christmas just in case i call. i'm not sure when i'll call. soooo do you know if my bank card is on its way?? i hope so! we always go buy fruits and veggies but its expensive! and i'm out of money now. sooo there are lots of zones in iquitos. and like 5 stakes. its pretty big. i just took a moto to my new house. i love the new house! its way nicer than my old one and easier to keep clean. and we have a view of the jungle and river! BEAUTIFUL! i'll show you it when we skype. its literally super close to us so i can't wait to show you. so we woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago cause we heard like a weird sound as if someone was shaking a moracca and we got up and it was a flippin huge grass hopper!! it was SUCH a loud sound! so i killed it.... only in the jungle... hahaha well i want you all to know that i love this gospel. i am so grateful that god is a fair god so all nations kindreds and tongues will hear the gospel and have the chance to accept it in their lives. i get so sad when someone rejects it because i know its the only way to our salvation. i have gotten braver with being a little more direct and not sugar coating things because this is the true church and it WILL bless and help people who apply it to their lives!! love you all.. happy birthday my handsome father i love you all!!!!! XOXOX

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