Monday, December 8, 2014

this week i have felt so incredibly grateful to be a missionary

DAD!!!!!! ok so i got transferred! but its soo awesome cause i got to stay in iquitos!! i love iquitos so much like i don't ever wanna leave it so i was soooo happy. AND get this.. my comp is gringa!!!! and so beautiful!! everyone was sooo surprised when they found out we were put together cause we are gringa hahaha it doesn't happen much on the mission. but she is so awesome dad. we work sooooo hard together i love it. she is SO positive and soo bubbly and happy all the time. its sooo great. we have a blast and have so much in common. i would love to go see her when i get home next december. maybe for new years or something. we will see. 
but my new area is beautiful dad! i will send some pics. you can see the jungle and the river growing. its sooo awesome. 
LOVE IT. we get lots of people starring at us cause we are two gringas walking the streets. its super funny. so yes we have the dadiva cards as well. we were talking about how amazing it was that the church is really putting out. this week i have felt so incredibly grateful to be a missionary. like this week was awesome. i feel like i want to be a missionary forever dad. i know i'll be sad when its all over... like every time we walk out of a lesson we are like WOW this church is SO true! and we have been feeling the spirit a lot. its great. i feel so honoured to be part of the lord's work. so one missionary here has her brother on a mission and so when they skype they use google cause apparently it doesn't cost money like skype does and you can do three way. i would love that! so walking the streets in my new area i saw one of my old investigators and she started bawling cause she was sad i left and i felt so sad! like you really grow close to the people  and learn to love them soo much!
   we found this family that was super ready to hear the gospel. never in my whole mission have i found a family like this one. they were married first of all which is rare here and super in love and they stayed up till 2 am reading the BOM they said and went to church that sunday and loved it. they were participating in the classes and we visited them after and they said that they loved how while we were taking the sacrament they closed the door and everyone was quiet. they have been receiving so many answers to their prayers. the only thing that sucks is that the dad traveled today for a month for work! but he was so sad and is taking his pamphlets and book of mormon and said he is going to call us when he has time so we can teach him over the phone. so pumped! sooo next lesson we are going to talk about baptism. we invited them to get baptized but they said that they were baptized already in the catholic church so i wanna explain really well the priesthood and the way jesus christ was baptized. but yeah i'm loving life right now. so we get to skype very soon! wow!! well i love you all!!!!!

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