Monday, December 29, 2014

i really felt the meaning of Christmas this year

dad! it was great to talk to you guys. i thought i would get all trunky and miss you guys a lot but it made me more happy to be on a mission. i know this is where i'm supposed to be. its so great being here. its funny how you said "squirrel" cause me and my comp are always so happy and talk about sooo much stuff and we ALWAYS get distracted so when we catch ourselves getting distracted we say "squirrel"!!!!! hahahaha and then we laugh. i think that this year for Christmas is the most i've felt thankful for jesus. usually i'm a little more focused on presents and getting a nice new iphone or traveling but it was nice cause i really felt the meaning of Christmas this year. i wouldn't trade this Christmas i had for anything. i am so blessed to have been with my comp. she is AWESOME. sooo kind and FUN and bubbly. so it was a great Christmas. i loved it a lot. i know that next Christmas i want to plan something with the family so that we can all feel the true meaning of it and remember why it is that we celebrate it.  so i'm glad you read lucas 2. that's great that mom is going to nicaragua! i know she really wants to go see her family. and that's so cool that vicky is going too!! 
   well i love you guys a lot. i pray for you all the time and hope the best for you all. don't forget the importance of enduring to the end!! i will write more next week!
pday with the zone!!!
the sistas!
pday pt 2
the tower we went to climb to see the jungle!!
on our way to climb! my companion was so scared it was funny... but i made her do it
made it to the top 
there was a runway for airplanes that we could see
my zoneeee
our break we took from conference with the president and he took us all out to eat
gotta love how im always drenched in humidity in these pictures
one of our investigators put this pic of us in her house and says she likes it there cause we are part of her family. she is so great!

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