Monday, January 5, 2015

i learn new things everyday

hey dad ! wow be careful on those roads. its crazy to think that the roads are super bad there and here its crazy hot. did duke make it home safe? did he have a good vacation? you'll have to keep me updated on the jerusalem thing cause that's super interesting ! i'm super glad that vicky is practicing her guitar! if she keeps it up she will be a pro!! she can teach me when i get home.
    so funny story. me and my comp got a call from the offices and they were like you and hermana have an emergency interview with the president. and we were soo nervous like ohhh no what did we do or we thought we had emergency changes or something!! so we go in and the elders were like ok just step into his office and sit down please. so we did and the elders were looking at us from the door and the presidents chair was turned the other way to the wall and i look at my comp and say this is scarrryyyy. and then all of a sudden the chair turns around and it was elder overstreet (zone leader who just went home yesterday) and they allllll burst out laughing!!!!! and we were like WOW ELDERS we were so nervous!!!! why would you do that! and they thought they were soooooooo funny hahahah it was funny i guess. but they knew we wouldn't get mad at them hahah so i bet mom is pumped to go to nicaragua eh? my comp makes fun of me cause i always say eh but now she's starting to say it loll.. so i'm super happy in my area. its superrr small but we work well together and its nice cause i feel like hna child really understands me and she is superrrrrrr nice and positive. i havn't seen her upset once. but i'm loving the mission. i can't believe its 2015. the year we go home. its sad!! cause elder overstreet left last night and instead of wishing i was him it made me sad. i felt bad for him cause he LOVED his mission. he wasn't trunky at all and did NOT want to go home. i bet its going to be the weirdest feeling to go home. i love my mission a lot. i always have nightmares that i'm home and in one dream i was home and i was freaking out and i called my mission president and i was like NOO I NEED TO COME BACK NOW I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HOME!!! hahaha but it really is great. i learn new things everyday and have learned that i have so much to be thankful for. yesterday i filmed a little bit of the area to show you all when i get home. welll i love you all. be good!!!! choose the right!

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