Monday, January 19, 2015

hna blackmore pack your bags...

dad! so last monday was changes and it was CRAZY. so we thought that hna child was going to get a change and i would stay. so we met together with the zone and got ready to hear the changes and the zone leaders always make it so intense. so we all stand up and they eliminate people and when i was the last one standing i was like WHATTTTT. "hna blackmore pack your bags... cause your going to Tarapoto!" i was like WHAT NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i put my face in my hands and i was like you're joking right!!.... and everyone was like WHAT! haha but tarapoto is where everyone wants to go. but i was just thinking about magali and gerardo(the fam that is getting baptized and super awesome) and so i was like there is no way my comp is staying either. so when she was the last one standing everyone was shocked.... "hna child, you're going to tarapoto" AHHH!"!!!!!! it was crazy. i have spent 7 months in iquitos and i felt sick to my stomach just thinking about flying away from it! but its what the lord wanted. so hna child and i cried together and went to magalis house and said bye and she was bawling and saying that maybe the lord did it cause he wanted them to prove that they would stay strong in the gospel even when we weren't there. but hearing her and her hubby's testimony made me feel peace in my heart. we went to say bye to people all that day and were super super sad. but excited to go deeper into the jungle. soooo we packed all our stuff and went to the airport. i fell in love with the morona cocha area SO fast. i don't even know how. we worked so hard there and loved it so much and found lots of awesome families to teach but it was our time to go. i was super sad to part from hna child but i'm super glad she's still in my zone. so we packed our stuff and headed to the airport. all i could think was how much i was going to miss iquitos and i had so many mixed emotions. it was incredible to fly over the jungle and amazon river and see SOOOOO much jungle. but i kneww when we were getting close to tarapoto cause mountains started to come in sight. so we landed and our comps were there waiting for us. so my comp's name is hna resanovich from argentina. she's cool! teaching me a lot. before this change i prayed that my next comp would be one that would teach me christ like attributes. i'm super grateful for her and the way she is. i'm learning to love her a lot. its cool though cause we both have the same trainers! lollll
     well i miss you all a lot and want you to know i'm doing great. i was sad my first day here. my second day was better and i'm not going to lie i fell in love with the branch. the branch has about 125 active members but hasn't been made into a ward yet for a few reasons... but its ok. we are working on making it stronger. i love the work of the lord. he really is with us every step of the way. i am so grateful for jesus christ and that everyday i can apply the atonement. i can't wait to see him again. i get sad every time a month goes by. can you believe i already have 7 months???? i love you all but feel like i should serve a mission for the rest of my life cause you learn sooooooo much. have a great week and i love you all. be careful on the icy roads and i'll try not to melt over here. its hot but not as humid as iquitos. xoxoxoox

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