Monday, January 26, 2015

we have been keeping rules to a tee

hey dad! don't worry about it! i know you would never forget about me haha. so when an area is small every once in a while they take out the missionaries and put two new ones in there. so that's what happened. but its ok! the area was very very very small. so the way we don't lose the investigators is that we have a binder with registers and everyone's files and every time we teach someone we write it in the file so the next sisters can see what we have taught. but i left a letter for them expressing my love for the area and how some of the investigators are. so that helps. tarapoto is very pretty. i don't think anything tops fort st james though. i think my hometown is super gorgeous! and i'm proud of it :) i'm glad that you're home safe though cause i know the roads get super nasty in BC. how was mom's bday???? i hope it was fun. i know i told you that i wouldn't come home if you died. haha that sounds bad but yesterday we did a family home evening in someone's house and a ton of members showed up and we taught them about temples to try and motivate them to go get sealed in the temple. and something i said was that one thing that made me feel at peace with being on a mission was knowing i am sealed to you guys for eternity and no matter what happens i know i'll see you guys again and there is nothing that can separate us as long as we are keeping the commandments.
    this week we worked super hard to try and find new people and seriously dad we have been keeping rules to a tee and we have been seeing miracles. we've got lots of people progressing and are seeing the promise come true that elder grow made to the mission. that if we work with the members and the references from them we will baptize people. its awesome. i couldn't imagine being home right now. i love my mission so much and it makes so much sense to be here. i know that the lord is with me every step of the way. its amazing to know that even when things get extremely hard he is there with me every step of the way. i can't wait for ten to go on a mission. i can see him as future zone leader for sure! i hope vix goes too. its the best thing i've ever done for myself and future family. well i love you all lots!!!!!!! CTR ALWAYS!!!!!
goodbye iquitos!
more iquitos. and amazon rivah!
new compy. new area. hna resanovich :) 
me in my new home. its tiny!! hope this pic doesn't look all stretched out. hahah

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