Tuesday, February 3, 2015

sacando fechas como locas

dad! i like the duo email thing cause then  i can see what you write lana too. hehehe and we always send each other copies of the email we send you weekly. so dad remember when i used to say that i could live somewhere hot for the rest of my life and always said i hated winter? ya kinda shot that one to you know where. i MISS WINTER!!! i wanna be cold again for once!!! so this week has been great. we have been working crazy hard and working on christlike attributes and our prayers and fasting and faith is working. we have been finding new people and sacando fechas como locas (setting dates like crazy). i love this gospel. its so true, and perfect. yesterday after church it started to flood like crazy cause of the rain! in 30 minutes everything was flooded! me and my comp were walking back from a lesson after the rain stopped and the sun came out and everyone on our street was standing outside and their homes were flooded. i was like ummm ya there is no way we are proselyting we need to help these people. so we got permission right away and we went to help the members. it was awesome cause everyone was helping everyone. as soon as we were done in one house we would call someone else until we found someone that needed help like the old couples or families. it was sad but made me happy to help!!
      so how's my car?? haha i been thinkin about her. i bet she's doing alright. hahah so something funny.... everyone on the streets like everyday yells at me saying "SHAKIRA!!!" hahhaa and at church sometimes they say, do the muñeca malograda face!...(broken doll face..) so i cross my eyes and put one eye in the center and everyone thinks its great lollll.
     so i want you all to know i love you and pray all the time for you guys. i love my mission but when i get home i'm going to do all i can to still be a missionary. its so important to help the missionaries with references and feeding them and making sure they are okay!! i love you all!! XOXOXOX

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