Monday, February 9, 2015

i'm trying to imagine what it would be like to be in snow right now

hey dad!!! How are things. that's crazy to think that there's so much snow there up to the fence i'm trying to imagine what it would be like to be in snow right now and feel coldness against my cheeks and on my fingertips. i remember getting into my car and thinking wow... these leather seats are FROZEN and my steering wheel wouldn't turn cause its so frozen hahah i hated winter but now i'm missing it a lot. we really are blessed to have seasons in canada. well this week was good. i have been trying super hard to just work super hard every single day. like i have papers full of goals and how i'm going to achieve our goals everyday so that at the end of the week we would have passed the goals. so every wednesday our district leader calls us and asks for our numbers}... like what we have achieved so far and we noticed that our numbers were lower than usual and the district leader asked why and we really didn't know cause we are doing our best to be super diligent and never procrastinate anything... so we thought and thought... and i'm not going to lie i felt like a failure cause i have been working so hard and the results aren't how i wanted them to be.. so we prayed and decided we would do divisions the day after and the day after again.. so we called the members and organized it... last minute they cancelled on us and said they couldn't come out with us!! oh and every week we work on a christ-like attribute that we want to develop better and so we have been working on faith and hope that week... so we were like.. alright we cannot get discouraged cause that'll make it so we don't have the spirit... so i put on a happy face and we prayed and did our part and relied on god for the rest.... so this sunday we were putting the numbers together and we achieved them! but that's not all... we went over our goals... i was super happy. the zone leaders are super happy with our work and are saying they can see big improvements in our area so that makes me feel good. anyways there's a little story... 
     hmmm what else.. so we went to go visit a sister less active and her dog was sooo crazy and hyper it started biting my comp's skirt and pulling it down! and the owner was yelling sooooo loud at it and it was jumping all over her and so my comp took her agenda and started wacking it soooo hard on the butt like ten times and i was laughing my head off and they were just going at it with this poor dog! and the dog continued being super hyper and i was laughing sooo hard that my stomach hurt. it was reallly nice to laugh for a while cause i haven't laughed hard like that in so long.. hahaha well i love yall soooooooo much!!!!!!!!! be good and stay safe with the weather and all... xoxooxx!!!

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