Monday, February 16, 2015

i was so tired last night that i didn't wake up twice!

well i really hope that grandma blackmore is there for when i get home. i really want to see her again. at least once. keep me updated. thanks for the quotes dad!! i loved them a lot.they are all so true and make so much sense. so i've got some news!
     so this wednesday we had conference with all the missionaries and the president. it was awesome. and so in iquitos he opened up a family history centre where the investigators less actives and recent converts can go and do family history.. so two sisters opened that up... and it was super successful. i took my investigators there and it really was a nice experience! i honestly never had a testimony on family history before the mission. i knew it was super important to do but didn't really take interest in it. sooo the president has been really emphasizing on it lately and the church as well because the lord is really hastening his work faster than ever!! so i've been repenting that i haven't done my family history. i really have been feeling super bad for not doing it. and then at the conference the president announced that he wanted to open up  family history centre here in tarapoto. and he called me and my companion to do it!! i was so surprised that he asked me to do it out of all the sisters there cause i have less time than all of them! but i was soooo grateful dad. so hna kirk(the sister that opened up family history in iquitos came along with the president) trained us all week on what our purpose is as family history specialists. and we went to a 7 hour long conference on saturday... it was awesome! it was broadcasted from salt lake. seriously my testimony on family history has been planted and it even grew!! i was sooo overwhelmed with the joy i felt with my testimony growing this week on family history. i'm super excited to get started. so basically what we will do is attend all ward councils in all the wards here every week to train them on family history and to motivate them on it. and when we have meetings with all the missionaries here once a week we will train them too and get them motivated to bring their investigators in. our purpose is to help the people have  a true conversion to the gospel by feeling the spirit of elias. so i'm excited... seriously i am sooooooooo busy with all this. i was so tired last night that i didn't wake up twice! and that always happens. hha but i'm super grateful for this new calling! 
     so on friday we watched meet the mormons!! it was sooo aweosme! i bawled at the end story where the mom sends her kid out on his mission. it was so great!! i love being a member of this church! it really is true. and if you guys aren't doing family history i encourage you to do it. some of the promises are that you will have a greater protection from the adversary, you will have a deeper conversion to the saviour and your patriarchal blessing will have more meaning for you. sounds great hey! well i love you all sooo much. stay strong.. and dad i miss you too. i miss the family and just hanging out with you guys. but isn't it crazy how fast time flies by????? we will really be home in no time. in april i'll hit my 10 month mark!! WHATTTT!! hahah LOVE U ALL!!

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