Monday, September 7, 2015

i'll never regret it

dear daddy. hello. how are you. i love you. anyway.... this week was awesome. spiritual. and i enjoyed it. i have been reading jesus the christ. i'm on the saddest part. i read about how jesus suffered in Gethsemane and now he is about to be crucified. its so crazy how smart jesus is. he is so perfect. he knew he was going to die being crucified but he is so perfect that his trial was a complete and total false trial. he was 100 percent innocent. but to me its crazy that while he was being accused in front of everyone and pilate was trying to back him up, jesus was calm.. and just hours before that he had been suffering for his accusers in Gethsemane. and there they were, thirsting for his blood to shed. it makes me cry reading it but it also makes me want to be better. so for the rest of this week i will ask myself. what gift am i giving jesus christ? i will offer a broken heart and contrite spirit. i will try to be more humble. of all the things he asks in return it is that we love our neighbor. but you are right dad. it is so hard to keep an eye single to the glory of god. but why!! when jesus is the one who saves us from everything. it makes me sad to think that i am not perfect but then i think about how jesus doesn't want me or us to be sad. he just asks that  we repent of our sins and try to be better. that's the truth. he just tells us to keep the commandments and repent..

i love you all so very much, i'm so happy i decided to serve a mission. i'll never regret it. i'm grateful that brendan served a mission because he was an example for me that helped me so much. he is a huge reason i am on a mission and i strive to be better. brendan is so chill and nice(usually) that here on the mission i often think of him and how he reacted to people who treated him bad. i wish i was more like that. and dad i often think about the wise words you always had for me. you saved my life. seriously dad if you never would have taken the time to have soooo many heart to hearts with me and talk to me with love i know i would have gone very astray. so thanks to you and mom i am here. thanks to so many good examples in my life.. love you very much! xoxox


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