Monday, September 21, 2015

well its been a busy week. fun but busy

hey dad!! well i think that you havn't heard anything about our flight plans because they book them about 2 and a half months in advance. the secretary here said that he is going to book the flights this week. but apparently they call you about a month before to tell you the flight plans. but please let me know when you receive the flight plans. well its been a busy week. fun but busy. lots of lessons. we had an awesome baptism and today are changes. i've got three transfers here in this area so there is a chance i will go. i'm sure the next place i go will be the place i finish my mission because i've only got 2 transfers left... 11 weeks. crazyyyyyyyyyy
    one thing i have been thinking about a lot lately is how much i love love love this gospel. i love when the prophets and apostles speak with the spirit. they just make SO much sense! i was reading the liahona this morning on why its so important for a mom and dad to have a strong marriage. its because it will bless their children. the whole time i thought on you and mom. i know you guys aren't perfect but you love mom lots and mom loves you and that let me sleep at night. it allowed me to learn what kind of a man i hope for in the future. thank you so much for loving one another. it has helped me so much with my testimony. here in iquitos, its very rare when a couple is married, so i am able to testify to couples that a family with parents who are married will be blessed. i have grown to love love love the proclamation to the world! i almost got that thing memorized. i like putting emphasis on the part that says that those who abuse their spouse or children will have to answer to god.! cause here they struggle with showing their love to their wives .... and husbands.  but one thing i know is that this gospel is true and perfect. its SO true and perfect that i almost can't believe it! haha. i love it. so i was wondering if you could ask the bishop if we can give our homecoming talks on the 13 of diciembre. just like make sure he schedules it cause that's when the family will be there eh??

well i love yallll!!!!!!! enjoy the cold while i'm here dying! lolll

pictures from today about an hour ago!! me and my daughter ( girl i'm training)

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