Tuesday, September 15, 2015

and then all of a sudden my fan caught fire!

hey dad thank you for your lovely email :) this week was a good one. busy busy as always. my companion finishes her 12 semanas and i start my last 12 semanas. i have been thinking a lot lately about the decisions i have made on my mission and the things that have impacted me the most. i have never realized more in my life how natural we are and weak. we fall all the time. sometimes without even knowing it. but that's why the atonement was necessary, i am so grateful for it. i love reading my jesus the christ book because it helps me get deep into the feel of the atonement. it makes me want to use the atonement everyday. i have been learning lots lately about many things. i've been reflecting on the things i knew before the mission and the things i know now. i really want to apply the things i've learnt on my mission to my life after the mission. 
   we have an investigator that is getting baptized this saturday. it was really enjoyable to teach him and see his progress. he is so ready for the gospel. his prayers are very sincere and he always thanks the lord for the opportunity that he has to be baptized and make a covenant with the lord. so i think about the covenant i made with my heavenly father when i was baptized. i received the gift of the holy ghost and think about how grateful i am to have learned on my mission how to discern the spirit better than before.
   the mission rocks! it really does :) i'm so grateful for it! i'm grateful that ten and jax are planning on going on one! they will never regret it if they go out for the right reasons :)
so this week was also insane because its one of the hottest weeks i've experienced on my mission. it was SOOOO HOT ALLL WEEK! no clouds and no rain and HUMID! i bet it felt like at least 45 degrees,,, ughhhhh i froze 3 water bottles and all through the night was putting them on my back and my stomach. and the fans were on full blast. we had stake conference yesterday and it just happened to be the day that the light was out and there was NO air conditioning and everyone was fanning themselves and the kids were going crazy and it was kinda sad cause no one was paying attention. it was very hard. its so hot that you feel like you're in a sauna. then to make it worse.. one night me and my comp woke up at like 3 am cause it was so hot and i hopped in the shower and came out and layed on the floor which was slightly a little cooler than my bed and we talked in the dark trying to cool off and then all of a sudden my fan caught fire! and i was like NO PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i turned it off and unplugged it and it smelled bad and i about died that night. then i woke up in the morning hopped in the shower and was hot the rest of the day... tilll this very second. haha i remember last year it was about this hot! super crazy. i couldn't help but think of you guys in the cool crisp air.! AH! i am sooo grateful for seasons!!!! real seasons... that consist of spring summer fall and winter! lolll well i love you all lots. take care! XOXOXOX

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