Monday, March 30, 2015

he's so entertaining!

wow dad! thanks for all the nice details about life. love it! so tarysa and i keep in touch every monday! i'm sooo happy she got married in the temple. i can tell this new guy is super great and she loves him a lot! 
   so normally we give our key indicators to the district leader halfway through the week so they can monitor our work and for some reason our numbers were bad! we were like what the heck... we planned divisions but the members ditched us and with family history it takes away so much time but that never stops us from trying to reach our goals... so the district leader was surprised cause we are always good with our goals. but he said to me.. hermana blackmore .. you guys surprise me every week with your achievements so i know you'll achieve your goals.. so.. hna blackmore.. will you achieve your goals? and i was like umm elder its already halfway through the week so i don't think so.. and he asked me again.. so i changed my attitude and told him that we were going to achieve our goals and more! so we fasted and prayed.. and all with the help of god we achieved our goals.. and more!! we got three families to agree to get married! 3!!! we are soooo happy! miracles really do happen. all you have to do is give your ALL. no matter how tired or exhausted you are.. when i'm tired and feel like my work is finished for the day before 10 30 i think about how jesus was always working and helping people. so i have no excuse to be lazy or slothful. we must be diligent in all we do. because if we do all we can we can trust that the lord will do his part. we may not know how but miracles do happen and he is always aware of us!
    so i'm loving the mission right now. lana has changes today! ah! mine are next we will see what happens. i still have yet to serve in pucalpa! well i must admit tennyson is the biggest goofball.. i cant wait to see him again.. ahha he's so entertaining! well i love you all and stay righteous!


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