Monday, April 6, 2015

i feel like i can't ever dare break the sabbath day

hey dad! well thanks for your email! its what has been on my mind all week. conference was amazing hey? i learnt so much and i think it impacted me more than ever before. i think its cause i am more spiritually strong than ever so the messages penetrated my heart so much. i didn't really have a testimony on the sabbath day before but now... oh man... i feel like i can't ever dare break the sabbath day. and the talk that talked about always being there and loving those who have fallen away from the church. pray wait and watch is what he said... elder nielsen i think it was. its so sad when someone falls away but we should never give up on them because they are a child of god as well. conference made me so happy and i received lots of revelation but i also felt sooo sad for the world. so many worldly things out there that don't matter and so many people blinded by satan... including the most righteous at times. that's why its so important to pray and read our book of mormon EVERYDAY. i don't like excuses. they will never work when we answer to god. 
   mom and dad. i cannot express how i feel about jesus christ. my love for him has grown so much. its hard to explain because when you have a change of heart its a little indescribable. i have never viewed the gospel in my whole life the way i do now. he is the ONLY one who was able to atone for the world. he did it with his free agency because he is obedient and did god's will. he is the light of the world. my saviour. and i can't wait for the day that i can see him again. i want everyone to know of christ. i want everyone to feel the joy of the atonement in the way that i have. heavenly father loves us SO much! the more i ponder it and think of it and pray and see miracles on my mission the more amazed i become and i get to comprehend a little portion of the love he has for us. when we feel discouraged we need to pray. even if we don't want to... we should remember how merciful the lord is! prayer is powerful and it works. i testify of that. i know without a doubt that the tomb is empty and jesus lives as a glorified being. i love you all. 
    i pray for you all all the time everyday begging god to protect you all and help you comply with the commandments so that we can be an eternal family. 
    we have changes today.i will be sad if i get separated from my comp. i love her a lot and we make an awesome duo and are always in agreement. there is unity and that has been a huge blessing. stay righteous and enjoy spring time!!!


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