Tuesday, April 28, 2015

fear god and not men

dad! and mommy! man i miss you guys a lot this week. we have been working super super hard. i'm addicted to achieving goals! i used to hate setting goals cause i thought they were stressful. happy to say i overcame that and i have goals for when i get home. big ones. that i will achieve and no one will stop me. on the mission i've learnt to put my foot down and fear god and not men. before i wanted to please both. i've learnt that that is impossible. it does not work and will never work. and if you're obedient and as diligent as you can be physically and spiritually you will receive revelation necessary to do the lords will and find his chosen children. man i love this work. i feel like i just cant get enough of it. i don't even miss you guys.. well i do... a lot.. but its not like an "i miss you and wanna come home" but man dad.... some days are draining and crazy hard and i could use your advice... BUT i'm SO grateful for every trial and hardship in my life... its an opportunity to show god that i will not give up... i like to pray and ask god to show me my weaknesses.. and let me tell ya.. he showed me this week. i'm so stubborn and prideful but man the lord is so merciful! i think back on how i used to be at the beginning of my mission and i was not the best missionary... i thought i worked just fine but truth is that i wish i would have put my whole heart and soul into the work. i really believe that we become converted on the mission. thanks for supporting me. you guys rock. 
   we have been working with 2 couples who are getting married and every time we baptize or marry a family satan is so strong! so i always like to warn them at the beginning and i prep myself.. so this week has been stressful but i'm learning lots! love it!! well i am so proud of vix for going to young women's stuff! young women's is the best! i can't believe that she's gunna be 13.. WOW. ahh i feel like it was yesterday that  became a teenager! hahaha oh man.. can't wait till i get home to give her advice! lol. well i get to do a precall home in like 2 weeks. yay! so make sure you answer strange numbers.. ALSO. it'll be the last call home and the next time i hear your voices it'll be in person.. woot! love you all so much.. be good..

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