Monday, May 4, 2015

there is a coffee factory by our apartment

hi everyone!!! ok so dad.. i'm calling today.. its just a precall though to coordinate when i'm going to call on mothers day. i'll probably call around 4 my time so it'll be like 6 your time. WOOT!
    so this week was crazy. this whole month was full of trials and hardship but i'm so grateful for them. we watched a few families suffer because they didn't have any food and it really got me down. we gave them the fruit in our fridge that we had and the church helped them out. i thought a lot this week about how we are so lucky that we don't have to starve or worry about what we are going to eat the next day. we don't have dirt floors and we have locks on our doors. there is a coffee factory by our apartment and every monday the workers carry sacs onto this big truck.. so that night every night there are two poor women who come with plastic baggies and pick out the coffee beans from the dirt that may have spilled out of the sacs and they sell it. its so sad. i always like to give them my fruit or yogurt if i have it in my fridge and they get soo so happy. so be sure to thank god for all you have . give thanks in every opportunity you have.
    i've been enjoying my mission and my area so much. the people are great and i know the members so well and i know who to go to if we need something and where to go and the streets... its always so sad to leave an area. but that's how the mission is. everything comes to an end but we will always have that testimony with us. we just gotta feed it and nourish it daily. do you guys take the time to watch the mormon messages? they are a great way to build your testimonies. well i have some cool stories for you guys when we talk on the phone. 
     but dad i like your last email. they talk about all the christ-like attributes. there really is no other better way to live life than trying to be like jesus. because if we don't try to be like him we really won't get closer to our father in heaven and that's sad. i love the perfect example that he set for us. and the more we try to be like him the more we love him and our desires to be obedient increase.
i love you lots. stay righteous! and can't wait to hear your voices! make sure everyone is home sunday night!

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