Monday, May 18, 2015

man i miss him!

that is the most adorable picture of kazan!!!!!!!! man i miss him! can you please send me his address?? or what's snail mail? does he get on email?? i want to send him a letter. 
Uncle Kazan's B-day shirt

so today are changes. so we will see how that goes! we played soccer last monday and it was so fun! i scored 6 goals and the latinos told me they were surprised that i could play loll it was so  fun! i havn't played in soooo long! and today we are going to play  basketball. 
that's what happens when you play hard! soccer!
aww he's so cute .. trying to make a living for his family. be  grateful for what you have!

but this week was awesome. jesus (the hubby)and melissa got married! then the next day got baptized! it has been awesome. this whole mission experience so far. its amazing how god is always aware of us. he loves every one of his children. and i feel the love he has for this family. when they bore their testimonies on their baptism they mentioned how now they know that the next thing they must do is prepare to enter the temple and become an eternal family.  

the peru trujillo temple is going to be dedicated next month and i can't wait to watch it! finally i get to use my temple recommend. one of the first things i want to do when i get back to alberta is go to the temple. i need it so so so so much. i miss it a lot. we are so lucky to have temples around us. but i miss you all a lot. i want you to know i'm doing super well and my testimony is growing more and more each day. i'll never fully understand the atonement but i sure am eternally grateful for it. it works and we need to apply it everyday. love you very much.

my comp

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