Tuesday, May 12, 2015

i didn't even say happy mothers day to mom!!!

wow brendan's talk is awesome!! it brought a little tear to my eye! well done well done.... so it was nice to talk to you guys!! i realized that i didn't even say happy mothers day to mom!!! i feel so bad!! i was just so excited to talk to you guys i guess. its crazy to think that the next time i hear your voices will be in person. it was nice to talk with every single one you... brendan's still a pest because he ran over my longboard but i love him. ten's still the coolest kid on the block but he's a blast. vicky's still the most beautiful girl in fort st james but pure in heart. mom's still the hottest mom out there and the most funnest bubbly person but knows when to lay the law down and dad is still a jokester and amazing father but clearly shows the love for his children. i love you all.. when i get home i wanna do a little slideshow for you guys like what brendan did when he got home and just talk about everything.. but its nice to know i made it this far. god loves us so much and helps us every step of the way. i hope we can all continue to give thanks for all that we have. prayer is so important. if we don't feel like praying we should instantly get on our knees till we feel like praying... summer will go by fast so enjoy it! do scriptures and enjoy the whole  family together. we will have to get new family pic when me and lan get there. we have never done winter pics but i think it would be awesome. love you all! CTR

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