Monday, March 16, 2015

i broke my streak of not going to the clinic!!

hey mom and dad! alright so thanks for sending me a package! 
   sooo this week i broke my streak of not going to the clinic!! so on friday night i felt real sick in my stomach but whatevs.. i just worked normally... ignored the pains.. and then i was up ALL night throwing up and in so much pain and my body was really hot and the next morning when the alarm went off at 6 25 my comp woke up and i was throwing up... and shes super caring for her comps so she called the district leader right away and they call the zone leaders and make me an appointment at the clinic,,. and i was like NO!!! i don't wanna go (cause the doctors are a pain to deal with here in the jungle.. i've seen it!) and she was like hna blackmore you need help! and i was like seriously i can drink lots of water and sleep. cause i hate taking medicine and i knew they would prescribe me something ridiculous.. sooooo i went and they put me in the emergency section and started taking my blood and urine test and whatnot.. and hooked me up to a water bag... when they brought the waterbag in i looked at my zone leader and i was like ummm is this necessary?? and he just laughed... and so in the water bag was a drug to relax me so i was all drugged up with relaxant and falling in and out of sleep and the president and his wife came in and were trying to talk to me and i couldn't even talk right cause i would just forget what i was talking about or what they asked me and i was so annoyed with the doctor cause he was trying to tell me i had a migraine and i was like my aunts get migraines and i havn't experienced what i've seen them experience! ... and so at the end of the day he prescribed me 4 different pills cause i ended up having an intestinal infection and i ended up not buying the pills cause they were ridiculous and i could of been taking like 10 pills a day! NO. so now its monday.. i'm still feeling a little sick but ALOT better without pills! i've been drinking cocos and sleeping but today i'm gunna work cause i hate staying in the house.. besides hating staying in i feel like i'm wasting the lord's time! but anyway..... this week was great! we worked and had a few baptisms and yeah :) well i love you all.. and seriously dad thanks for sending me the stuff. thank aunt tanya for me!!!  i love you all so much. stay warm and stay strong in the gospel!!!

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