Monday, November 9, 2015

we should literally get onto our knees

welllllll looks like i'll be "dying" here in this area as sister leader and I'm training again... her name is hermana garcia. she's SOOOOO nice! she's from Lima. we get along great and are very united,

so we had leadership meeting with president this week and me and the zone leaders really tried to receive revelation on what the should train our zone on after the meeting... so we prayed and got together and planned it and it was a reeeeaaaly nice training that we did. we trained together. so me hatch and muñoz took turns talking and we really wanted the zone to receive their own revelation and feel the spirit. we trained on the atonement and setting goals and giving an account of what we achieved during the week to the lord in our prayers. it was an awesome training. so we talked about how we should literally get onto our knees with our agendas and tell the lord what we did for that day, repent, and seek council as to what we can do better. so I've been doing that and let me tell ya its awesome. i really love it because i can see what i need to do better and the lord helps me know what to do to achieve my goals. and as i study the atonement i understand better the importance of doing the lord's will. so this week was awesome. i can't wait to share my testimony with you guys in person. i can't wait to share the gospel with everyone back home because i wish i would of done that before my mission. i am so grateful for this gospel. it has helped me understand my purpose even more and has helped me understand how to learn from my trials. i love you all so much. read the scriptures daily please. i always always think about how much i miss studying the scriptures and praying with you guys daily! i'll never forget how awesome it was when dad would explain the scriptures and it would just all of a sudden come to life for me. i love you all. CTR xoxoxoxo hermana blackmore(the cool one)

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