Monday, July 14, 2014

almost jungle

DADDY!!! ahhh i miss you all but i'm doing super well. yes you may post all my emails to the blog anyway i always write down the things i want to email you about on a piece of paper so i don't forget.but first off i did something bad... i lost my bankcard!!! UGH! i cant believe i did that. i searched everywhere and phoned the CCM (mtc) but i cannot find it anywhere. soooo i'll need you and mom to order me a new one and send it. and IF it doesn't cost a lot maybe send it fast? but don't fed ex it cause apparently you shouldn't. please send it to the mission office. not my address. i left my mission packet at home and the address is in there. thank you!!!! please do it asap! luckily i accidentally took too much money out when i was doing a transaction so i have that to help me out for now.
          soooo its almost like living in the jungle here! the technology is super old. you don't see a single person with an i phone or ipad. people never wash there hands and are always wiping there face and cooking at the same time. that's something i had to get used to watching before i ate. but i'm not gunna lie i LOVE THE FOOD! its just so yummy. i always eat so much and they laugh at me and can't believe i can eat that much haha. one lady tried feeding me liver and i couldn't do it. hahaha she didn't care tho.because i ate two helpings of the other stuff she fed me. i wanna eat this country! did i mention that our water shuts off at night so i haven't had a shower in two weeks? lollll we fill up a garbage bin full of water and i use that everynight. crazyyyyy. we also don't have a mirror which sucked at first but now i really don't care. its weird when we are at someone's house teaching and i see myself in the mirror! HAHA. i also wash my clothes by hand. i can't believe my life is like this! lol its awesome though because i learn to appreciate everything i have in canada. we do have a mamasita that washed our clothes but she takes long to do it and i only have so much clothes... so i wash it myself.
      thanks for the talk you gave me on the spirit!!! its all marked up and underlined with my thoughts. i read it all the time. i also print out your emails and use that alot during personal study. its helped me so much dad! you better never miss a week writing me! mom didn't write me this week and i'm sad!!!! my comp is awesome. super patient and a good teacher and strict with rules and i love that. i don't want to break any of the rules. i feel safer that way and more in tune with the spirit.she is from Mexico and her name is hna rodriguez.she got an ear ache on friday and its still hurting her. the doctor prescribed her ibuprofen! i was like what the heck! you can buy that stuff at the store!!! so he kinda sucked. apparently the doctors here aren't great. she was in ALOT of pain. i felt so bad for her. we went to a members home and she was awesome because her son gets these ear aches and she did this thing where you roll up newspaper thin enough for it to go in your ear and then she stuck it in her ear, lit it on fire on the top and let it burn down.. then all of a sudden this gust of air came out from the top! the smoke pushed the air out of her ear and hermana rodriguez was like WOW I CAN HEAR! haha and she is feeling a lot better now but it still hurts a bit. then all this pus came out! it was crazy. i'm glad she is feeling better. and i'm glad i haven't gotten sick... yet. no diarhea or anything! yay.
        so the bugs here.... i haven't been bitten once. honestly there are a million trillion more mosquitoes in bc than there is here! maybe when i fly to a new area it will be different but there aren't nearly as many here. lots of people have nets but i don't feel like i need one. maybe to keep the cochroaches away! lol. so there was this one family we went to visit and there house was totally a jungle house! i was teaching the lesson and someone was walking on the top floor and all of a sudden i felt dirt fall on my head and my body cause of the steps they were taking. lol and its hard to get off because i'm all sticky and gross from the humidity. they have dirt floors. its crazy. i wish i could just buy everyone a new house. but after the lesson we walked to the back and she had a pet monkey!! i realllly wanted to touch it. so i let it grab my finger  from a distance that it couldn't bite me. when the lady was carrying it she fed it food from her own mouth! i was like woahhhh...dangerous... lol when we walked home that night it started POURING! we booked it home.. like we ran and by the time we got home it was like we had fully immersed ourselves in a lake. haha it was so fun. we were laughing about it.
           my favorite thing to eat is called chifle. its like platano (fried plantain slices) chips!! MY FAV! haha thought you might wanna know :) so the biggest grocery store in all of iquitos is smaller than overwaitea!!!! crazy ehhh. i thought that was insane considering we live in a small town with a bigger grocery store than this so called city. i really am developing a love for the people here
          ill explain the members a little bit and the ward. soooo its really sad because seriously mom and dad there are sooooo many members here but the seats at church are never filled. there are tons and tons and tons and TONS of inactive members here. we are really focusing on bringing them back. we are focusing on investigators too but we really are focusing on trying to bring people back to church. and nobody likes to have a calling either. like there isn't a young women's president! it makes me realize how lucky i was to have all the women in our ward as an example to me. our ward is AWESOME! i love them so much more because of my experience here. so i really want the members here to have that. i really want to help them develop a testimony of going to church and renewing covenants with the lord. its SO important to do that. when we are baptized we promise to strive to keep the commandments of the lord and that's something we are trying to help the members realize. they are amazing people but they have crazy trials and i know they need the lord but they are slow to heed the word of god and to be obedient. it makes me want to cry and when i'm teaching and bearing my testimony i can feel the spirit so strong and i know they can too and i can feel a small portion of love that the lord has for these people. and i tell them that. and i tell them that heavenly father loves them so much and wants them to return to him and is so sad when we aren't obedient.but my love and testimony for the book of mormon has increased so much. seriously i cant believe how much more i love it.thank you for doing scripture study as a family.i was reading about captain moroni this week. i want to try and be as courageous and faithful as him. its amazing how much faith he had and how loyal he was to the lord. but because of that the lord preserved him and his people as long as they were righteous and moroni had great trust in the lord. i want to become like that. 
            story: so we were walking around finding less actives and on the way we contacted this lady and her husband came out and was like come in! so we were like OK! and we couldn't tell at first but he was SUPER drunk (almost every man is drunk in iquitos on a sunday) and we were like ohhh man.... and he looked at me like i was completely foreign and was like "wow god sent me an angel i cant believe it!!!" and he started crying... and i was like ummm actually i'm a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. and he was like "NOO!! you're an angel! i'm so happy!" and i was like uh huh... then his teeth fell out and landed on his dirt floor and he grabbed it and was pointing at me with it saying "how can i make my eyes look like yours?" .. hahah then he stuck his teeth back into his mouth! and they fell out like ten times!. then he reached over and grabbed my hand with the same hand he used to wipe his snot and tears and was pouring his heart out to me and i was like CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY HAND BACK! and he was like NO and i pulled away and he wouldn't let go and i was getting mad and i pulled away hard and then he tried kissing me!!!!! i was like ya ok goodbye! and my comp and i left but he really didn't want us to leave and was standing in the way not letting us pass but we just scooted by. but i scrubbed my hands 4 times that day. hahah anyways!!! hows work dad? :) i hope all is well for you guys. is ten liking work? whats it like for him getting up early everyday haha. i'm glad that vix is in young women's. i remember going into young women's. it feels like yesterday. hows my car? i hope that my subs are still in there when i get home. heheh i'm nervous for when tennyson drives that car in the winter because its so small and it slides EVERYWHERE and its dangerous going as fast as the other cars can go in the winter.but i just hope hes smart with it. is brendan getting excited to move away? i still find it pretty cool that me and lanny are on missions :) it'll be awesome when the whole family reunites for christmas and me and lana can share all our stories! what else is new with you guys? i would love if you sent me pictures through email. please? haha well this email is crazy longgg. i better go! i love you TONS! i pray for you always and hope you all strive to endure to the end. the lord is waiting with open arms. LOVE YOU ALL!!! XOXOXOXO

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