Monday, July 14, 2014

houses in Canada

dad i forgot to say that when i tell people i'm from canada like my bishop.. he was like " wow i see on the tv that in the houses there are flat and straight floors. is it like there everywhere in canada?" i was like uhhhhhhmmm.... i felt so bad . and when we were in this inactive family's house the little boy just peed on the floor in front of everyone and his mom let him finish and then wiped it up with a cloth and no cleaner. i felt so bad because they probably can't afford diapers or cleaner. seriously i love canada so much and i'm sooo glad i was born there and i'm so glad that mom immigrated to canada! i love you both so much. thank you so much for caring about my health! mom always kept us so clean and i love that about her. she cares so much about us! and so do you. i'm so so so so so so so so lucky to have you guys. i have the best parents ever! and i'm so grateful for the way you prepared me for my mission. its a luxury that you guys were able to afford whatever i needed for my mission and more. thank you so much for working so hard to provide! I LOVE YOU!

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