Monday, July 21, 2014

old school

dad! ok ummmm i'm pretty sure i sent like a million pics last week and the week before! why aren't you getting them! k ill try and send them all again. soooo my charger for my cameras somehow broke!! so now i have my other camera for backup but that one is going to die eventually so i have to wait till i get my bank card to buy a new charger. sooo lame! iquitos is so old school. the people are seriously living in the 80s or 90s. even the photography is sooo old school and everything is cheesy. haha its so funny. i feel like a jungle girl. iquitos is the most under developed city in peru apparently. and i believe it. but i seriously am loving my mission! at first it was sooo hard. but now i think about home so much less than i did before. last week we were pretty discouraged because we didn't have many investigators and there are so many less actives and the members have a hard time with accepting calling. none of our contacts wanted to hear our message and i had a little break down in the streets because i felt that satan has so much control over the people. he is so real and its so frustrating and sad when people reject the truth. i wish i could just make the people believe in us and accept our message. our faith and hope was low. my comp had a break down that night and so i spoke up and we both said that we needed to just put a smile on our face and have trust and faith. i mentioned how it was never easy for the prophets in the book of mormon and sometimes they felt discouraged but they always knew that anything was possible through the lord. so we motivated ourselves and said long heartfelt prayers and now this week we have a few new investigators that are progressing! and have a few baptism dates set! and we see less actives coming to church AND some of the members have committed to keeping on top of things with there callings! so we have been super happy this week. the days are going by slow but also fast.... like the days are slow but the weeks are fast! its crazy. i've already been here for over a month..... WOW.
    so the places that we can go to serve in our area is iquitos, moyobamba, tarapoto, pucalpa, and a place called yurimahras but apparently only elders can serve there cause it is literally in the centre of the jungle. haha and apparently the elders are even allowed to grow beards there! hahah. but everyone wants to go to moyobamba. so i hope i get to go there sometime! but i have a feeling that we will be in this area till christmas. i'm okay with that cause i really am loving the people and area more and more. so about my little house... we are trying to find a place to move because i CANNOT sleep with all the noise. even with earplugs. i despise the dogs here. there are more dogs than people. and they bark for absolutely no reason. especially at night! ahah. so the other day hermana price (zone leader) spend the night with my comp and i spent the night with her comp from dominican republic because hna price tells us the things we can change and goals we can set. so i went to hermana prices house and hermana vasquez house and when i got there i was like WOAH! PITUCO!(rich) because there place was big and sooo nice. i wondered how they landed that place haha so i had fun spending the night there for a night. i had so much fun with hna vasquez. she has the most hilarious accent. like everything sounds like shes asking a question and she sounds so high pitched ahaha. like when we were giving a lesson we had a member present with us and all of a sudden somehow he fell out of his chair and it was so funny and i was trying not to laugh and hna vasquez was like HAYYY HERMANO!! but it sounded like a question... lol i wish i could record it and show you cause its not really that funny when i write it.... you have to hear her lol. well dad thanks for the email. once again i am going to print it out and read it. you email you sent me last week helped me alot. helped me have faith. i read it about 7 times. so please never ever miss a week of emailing me and emailing me gospel doctrine. seems like everything you talk about in your email is exactly what i need to hear. i love you all so much. ten still hasn't email me!!!!! tell him to get on it!! i love hearing about your day and work and what everyone is up to. thank you for being the best dad in the world. XOXOXO ps ill try sending pics right now.

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