Monday, August 25, 2014

i'm pretty sure there's about 6 ants in my drink!

hello my beautiful awesome amazing cool family! whats up. hah so this week was awseome. we had a confernce with the mission president and his wife. it was awesome!

a few things changed. like if we are sick for more than 3 weeks we get sent home with no exception!! AHH!! so hopefully i never get sick. we were at a family home evening last night and the husband couldn't join us cause he has malaria! there's lots of sicknesses here so that kinda freaked me out. i DO NOT want to go home! yet.... lol. and also the way we plan our day has changed. we can only give half hour lessons and have to fill up our day by the half hour. at first i was like woah woahhhh that's not enough time to walk to the house and teach a lesson! and how in the world can i do that! that's impossible! but then i thought to myself.. ok.. the mission president receives revelation from the lord and when the lord commands us to do something he always prepares a way for us to do it. he will never command us to do something that is impossible to do. so i decided to let my faith grow a little as the president was announcing this.... then as we were planning i got all stressed out... bad idea... being stressed is NOT fun.. so i chilled myself out and this week has been awesome. we have been making more compromisos (commitments) with the investigators and have been teaching more lesson! so its been great! and to my surprise we have been able to teach half hour lessons! yay!
    hah soooo the other day we were talking about ants... there's sooo many ants in everyone's house. every time i drink juice i'm pretty sure there's about 6 ants in my drink. i've learned to not let it bother me... surprising hey?? TO ALL THOSE WHO THOUGHT I WAS HIGH MAINTENANCE... i'm not :) hahahah this mission has been a crazy adventure so far! can't wait to make a slideshow when i get home and present it to everyone and tell stories! like what bren did.. this one time i was drinking my apple cider and i saw a bunch of black things floating around... ants... hahah and to my pensionista (landlady) i was like " ummm there a million ants in my drink" and she was like oops sorry it happens sometimes" then she grabbed my drink and started picking out the ants with her finger! lolll i was like oh my goodness... good ol jungle life.. hhaa then she handed it back to me. and ya i drank it. lolll
    hows things with my bank card? is it on its way? can you ask mom to double check that i will be able to use it in peru? i got the money from western union. thank goodness.. i waited in line for about 2 hours but it was worth it. thanks!! and no one tried to rob me. hah its pretty safe here. safer than i thought it would be.
     so a few days ago it rained HARD(ill send pics) and so i was completely soaked.. we went home and i changed and left my super nice walking shoes out to dry. and when i got home that night i looked in my shoe and a freekin mouse chewed a hole on the inside! thank goodness that it didn't chew through the rubber bottom but i was so mad! seriously i could have strangled the heck out of that dang mouse!!!!! soooo i learned to always have a window open so that the odours of the room and go awaw cause that's what attracts the mice... oh well! lol so the lady and her husband that we live with are awesome. she took my shoes and washed them. so when we were gone they searched our room for the mouse... and when we got back our room was spotless! totally reminded me of what mom does... how she used to clean my room lol it was so nice of her! so we went over to her and thanked her and she started crying saying she was so grateful to god that we lived with her and that we are her daughters and that's why she takes care of us. her daughter is on a mission right now so she adores us! shes awesome though. always is bringing us stuff to eat and drink and she made us this awesome jungle bag! so now i use it on my p days.
     also.... my comp had a meeting so i paired up with this other american missionary.. shes super shy and has about 3 months on her mission. shes having a real hard time with the language.. so we went over to her area to proselite while our comps were in the training meeting... and i was nervous. because i knew i was going to have to take lead in all the lessons and contacting and getting around the city since we would be alone for about 4 hours. but it was awesome! so nice to see my progress! my spanish is pretty good now and now i know that i can do it.. i can teach full lessons and contact and help other people... its that with my companion she likes to take the lead so i never have known my full capacity but now i do :) it was nice to be with the american hermana for a bit.. it was so weird to be with a white girl! and so weird to speak english! but so fun! she was asking me so many questions and how to get better with the language. i felt so bad for her and she kept thanking me for being so patient with her.. shes awseome! anyway so we got to this less actives house and she was super busy and we offered to help so my companion cut the potatoes and guess what i did... gutted and cut up a chicken loll so now i know how to do that! 
   i was studying mosiah 3:19. and king benjamin was preparing the people to take upon them the name of christ and it says: 
 19 For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father.
i really like this verse. its helped me alot. this week i have been praying for the lord to show me the qualities i need to improve on. and every week he shows me and helps me be better. i'm always scared to pray for this cause a challenge always comes along for me to exercise these qualities. first i get super stressed and discouraged and then i pray for help and then i realize " OHH!! hes trying to show me how to be more humble or submissive or patient or full of love!" then i try to apply those things to the situation and i feel better.
    well i better get going!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL! tell ten i'm gunna kick his butt cause he never writes me!
me and hna rodriguez and cutting hair for a relief society activity

carlos y españa!!! and their ADORABLE baby!!!!!

service at carlos and españas house.. building that roof thing.. i forget what its called. it was fun!
so to the left is hna price then i'm on the other end. hna jensen is beside me. hna price is the abuela.. and then hna rodriguez is my mom.. hah get it? cause shes training me... and hna price dies in two weeks... (meaning she goes home) lolll


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