Monday, August 18, 2014

i'm a pro boxer!!

mom and dad!!! first of all dad, NEVER think that you fill your emails with too much doctrine and not enough personal stuff. its okay! i love reading and studying the doctrine you send me. it helps me so much in my week. it makes me feel like you are here encouraging me. its awesome dad :) wow i'm excited for when i will get to say "dad" again to you. and hug the priesthood!! its soooo forbidden to hug a boy its crazy cause i really do miss hugging you brendan and tennyson. wow i'm kinda sad right now because i forgot to bring my piece of paper that has all the points that i want to talk about. oh well..
     so i will be careful at western union when i go. i'll see if the zone leaders can come with me. they are super tall and big! lol hermana rodriguez (my comp) tells everyone that i'm a pro boxer cause she says i have a temper. but i don't know how she can tell that i have one because i'm always super nice! she was like "i can just see it in your face that you are tough" hahah! i was a little flattered but at the same time i don't want to come off as mean! lol but seriously we have been getting along SO much better! we have been having a lot of fun this week. 
for some reason i break down every thursday... the day where we plan our week and set goals. but after i break down we always talk and have a heart to heart and i feel energized for the rest of the week. the mission will never be easy and i've come to terms with it. but i always think to myself that a year and a half of this will help me learn to withstand anything in life! so many people think that a mission is easy and all we do is preach. that is not the case at all. we are always helping other people in so many ways.. family issues, service, planning activities, meetings, stress, and other personal things and more. it is NOT easy. but i'm so glad its not easy. i love learning and i can feel myself becoming stronger and stronger. i know its good for when i have my future children and husband. the mission is the best thing a person can do for OTHERS and themselves! thank you mom and dad for helping me get to where i am. like lana said in one of her emails, i always bear my testimony that families can be together forever and i find so much comfort knowing that i am sealed to you mom bren ten lana and vix forever and that our family will be together forever as long as we keep the commandments. i know that there is nothing that can make us happier than to keep the commandments. they are there for a reason. its so true that we can feel a sense of peace, belonging, and happiness if we keep the commandments. also, satan has less of a grasp on us. its crazy how much he wants to destroy families.GRR! 
     so about carlos y españa... the baptist missionaries have been spying on us hahah. they go visit them and tell them that they are making a mistake by listening to us and that if carlos goes to their church they will buy him a prosthetic leg. so carlos wanted to go to that church on sunday instead and españa was like.. " NO!!! you know that we have received an answer to our prayers and that THIS is the true church of god!" haha she makes me so proud cause at the beginning she didn't want to listen to us. then they came to church. we told espana that we should always respect other religions and be kind to the other missionaries no matter what because she's got a temper on her and says that she mouths them off sometimes. i couldn't imagine being in the position of carlos... being offered a leg and having to choose... i feel so bad for him and we are praying to figure out what we can do to help him.
       so i'm glad that the boys are going to the gym! my view on going to the gym has changed so much. its so important to stay fit and healthy. and i'm so glad that vicky is having an awesome summer! i remember being her age and going out to beazer to hang out at the farm with all my cousins and grandmas! it was so fun going to the creek on a scorching hot day and running around causing trouble! hahah. well its been pretty hot here but i'm used to it now. its crazy humid and my whole body is constantly wet and i'm always so excited to shower from my garbage can when i get home bahaha! oh man its crazy how much the mission changes you! i seriously never thought i would be able to handle living in the conditions i live in! but it feels normal(for now) i'm grateful for what i have. i'm so grateful for canada. i don't think i'll ever take it for granted again. people always ask me if i have my own car and when i say yes they are in shock. i love the people here. they are super humble and we always find people to teach. Peru is awesome! i'm hoping that i can be in this area long enough to spend christmas here.cant believe that august is halfway over... then it'll be september.. then october! WOAH! then christmas! then 2015!! and then the year countdown will happen but i'll be so sad to leave this place! good thing i still have 16 months here.. hahah i really am enjoying it and am doing excellent. can't wait to speak in spanish with you guys on the phone! me and lana always email back and forth. i love her so much. she's such an awesome misionera. when we get home we plan on living together and waking up at 6 30 every morning to study the gospel then have study together.. haha i'm so glad i will have her so that we can both adapt to the real world together cause i'm sure its going to be hard to get back to the real world. well i love you guys so much and thanks for the support!! love hermana blackmore
Hermana Pena and I at the airport to Lima

the monkey at one of the less actives that we visit! hahaha hes cool!

this is the familia Canayo. they feed us for our breakfast and supper. luz karen is the young one beside me on the end that reminds me of Leen. shes awesome!!! this family i love so much. if i'm here for christmas i will be with them. i love them ALL!! we get along so well and i'm thankful i get to see them everyday. 
 the other pic of of our district leaders! they are awesome! muy chistoso!
hahaha luz karen! she also always comes out with us!

this house is considered pituko.... but only this room was nice. the rest was dirt floor. they are an awesome family. see the big poster in the background? well its so cheesy cause it has quotes on it and a picture of whoever and EVERYONE has these types of pics hung on there house and me and my comp want to get one of us!

it was sunny and then BANG!! RAIN! i'm not even exaggerating when i say that you can shampoo and rinse your hair in this rain. it fell so hard we were soaked! we were out looking for less actives and it just happened :)

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