Monday, August 4, 2014

to get married you have to have luck... lol

dad! did you get my pics? you didn't say a thing about my pics! wellll i think i have talked a bit about my investigators caros y espana.. ya? they have the cutest baby girl in the whole world and carlos lost a leg in a crash. anyway i remember when we first went to visit carlos and espana. espana always ran away when we came but carlos was happy to see us cause he was super unhappyand discouraged about his leg and thought it was a punishment from god. he had no faith. so we kept visiting with him and he was starting to do better and better. he was understanding our message so good! and then little by little espana would join in on the lessons. shes super cool! muy chistosa! hahah she has a super fun we started teaching them both and espana started getting super happy when we would come! it made us so happy that she finally would join in on the lessons. she wanted to hear what it was that made carlos change and made him happier. she said she couldnt believe that he was having a change. so yesterday we were there and they were pouring their hearts out telling us how they want us to come everyday and how they love when we are around because theres something "different" about us :) it made us feel so good. and espana was like... guess what..! i'm going to get married!.... we were so happy because we have been talking to them about matrimony and the law of chastity and how they can only be baptized if they get married. its awsome to see their progress!!! makes us feel so good. its crazy because here nobody is married unless you're mormon. they say that to get married you have to have luck... lol huh?
         so my spanish is improving alot. i still have lots to learn and its super super frustrating because i can't understand everything that the people here say. they talk with A LOT of slang. its annoying because i would understand everything if their accents weren't so heavy and if they didn't talk with so much slang. but its okay ill get there.. poco a poco. i LOVE when we are in a lesson and i totally have the spirit with me and i can talk and talk and talk and talk and not have to think about what im going to say. thats the best and when i feel most confident. its amazing how much my testimony is growing. i'm getting a better understanding of the christlike attributes and the things i should do to develop them.

      i'm glad that bren went to that ysa thing! finding a spouse isn't as easy as some people think though.its so important to choose wisely.and that's awesome that you went to grandmas!! i miss it there a lot. some days i wish i could be home. the days that are hard.... the jungle isn't easy and neither is having a companion but its SO worth it. i love it here and i am having so much fun and i love the people. the people here love us sister missionaries so much to. its i don't know if i mentioned this but the area we are in hasn't had sister missionaries for almost 2 years so its nice being the first sisters here in a long time because everyone is so excited to see us all the time. haha so how was grans house? does she miss me!! lol it will be so weird coming home and not having rules and not having to be home so early everyday and listening to music and watching music and not having a set schedule! i am collecting missionary planners so that i can use them when i get home. i always want to use one. seriously they are so productive.
   that's so funny that when you got into my car my subs were up loud and you felt like it was giving you a back massage!! hahaha who had it up so loud?? you do know how to turn the bass down right? LOL i bet ten feels so cool driving in it. you didn't give me lanas mail address DAD!!! hahah can i have it please? well i love you lots. thank you once again for your awesome emails. they help me a lot through the hard times in my week. i love you LOTS
    Hermana Blackmore

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